The winter of our (upper respiratory) discontent.

Oh Gentle Reader, January has not been kind to us here at Bunkersdown.  Not kind at all.  A week after everybody had somewhat recuperated from the nasty flu that’s been hitting Indianapolis hard, we caught another virus that has laid waste to our upper respiratory tract.  Wheezing, sneezing, and coughing (so, so much coughing) are the soundtrack to my life right now.

As a result of all this sickness, my house has taken on decidedly unpleasant and unclean sheen.  Dirty dishes fill my sink, dust covers my shelves, and the floor- well the best word to describe the floor is groady.  (Sometimes, when you’re trying to describe incredible filth, only late 80’s slang will do.)

However, everything will get cleaned up.  Eventually.  Light years from now.

But enough with that, here are the few things that have helped the kids and I manage while everybody is under the weather.

1.  The Great British Baking Show.  I discovered this gem one night as I struggled to breathe through my nose and it is officially my new favorite show on television.  The kids also love it and have become The Great British Baking Show missionaries, preaching evangelical messages of its gloriousness far and wide.  It is an utterly delightful show filled with amateur British bakers who perform a myriad of cooking challenges under a tent in the English countryside while lambs and ducks frolic on the side.  (Seriously, lambs frolicking, joyfully.)

Additionally, every single person on this show is immensely pleasant and extremely nice while speaking in the most delicious accents.  Everyone says things like, “Rubbish!  Me sponge has gone flat.”  Or, “The flavors in this crumb are crack on, good job you.”  My blood pressure instantly lowers and my wheezing decreases the minute this show comes on.

Best of all, if you check out your local PBS website, you should be able to watch previous episodes whenever you want.  (Which is practically everyday at our house.)

2.  Frozen lemonade slushies.  Nothing feels better on a sore throat than a cold, delicious lemonade slushy.  My husband closely follows this recipe (although sans the alcohol option, sadly) and he makes them for us often.

3.  Kick Your Cold Kale salad.  (Recipe here.) This thing is packed with vitamins, ginger, garlic, antioxidants, and all things healthy.  Despite that, it still tastes delicious.  I managed to make a big batch of it the other day and after two helpings, I felt completely justified to eat the last of my Cherry Cordial Hershey Kisses.

4.  The Mother ‘Hood Official video.

I love this video so, so much.  In the beginning I laugh at the complete ridiculousness (and yet slightly familiar) stereotypes fighting over who’s a better mother/parent.  But, by the end, I’m willing to admit I tear up quite a bit.  (Of course, that could simply be the excess phlegm coming into play, but I doubt it.)

5.  My thirteen year old son.  Despite the deplorable level of cleanliness going on at our house with multiple people contaminating all surfaces with germs, he has managed not to get sick and he has become a regular Florence Nightingale.  Never has my water bottle been filled so often nor have my mac and cheese cravings been met so promptly.

I’m not sure if it’s having my every whim catered to or if it’s the knowledge that my son is becoming a truly remarkable person that makes me feel best.  The other evening Will instructed me quite sincerely, “Listen, if you need something in the middle of the night, do not hesitate to come get me.”  (Which is exactly what I tell him when he is sick.)  It’s moments like this that make me think, “This guy’s going to turn out okay.  I haven’t messed him up too much.”

So there you have it, Gentle Reader:  a brief explanation as to my absence on the blogosphere and a list of the things that are helping me survive until bluer skies (and less congested chests) arrive.

How has January been treating you?

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4 Responses to The winter of our (upper respiratory) discontent.

  1. That video. AWESOME. Also, the minute your kids start parenting you is the minute you know you’ve won. At life.

  2. Jen Robinson says:

    Hope you are all better soon! My daughter had the flu, and now spouse has something, but I have been so far spared (knock wood). Kudos to your son! You deserve to be tended to.

  3. Karla Burkhart says:

    I probably shouldn’t even say this, I don’t want to be jinxed, but we have been fine in January. December, on the other hand, was miserable.

  4. Robin Kramer says:

    If there’s a silver lining to this dark January cloud of comprised immune systems, then it’s clearly in the fact of your wonderful son showing such maturity and kind responsibility! (Truly, this gives me encouragement that one day my own children will be capable of such things as they grow older.)

    Please get well!

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