It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Yesterday, our next door neighbors asked if we were okay with their outdoor Christmas decorations.  They had one of those giant, blown up snowmen, complete with the lights and motor attached to keep it constantly inflated.  The thing is huge, practically two stories tall, and the only place to put it is right between our two houses.

I looked at my neighbor and said, “Are you crazy?  That snowman is GORGEOUS!  The kids are going to love it!”  And they do, as do I.  The thing is so freakin’ merry and bright that my soul lightens up each time I see it.  Additionally, since part of it falls into our yard, I can pretend that we have outdoor decorations up, since all my promises of naked lovin’ have not convinced my husband to put up any lights this year.

As you can see, everyone has their undecorated crosses to bear in this holiday season, me included.


I love Christmas decorations with all my heart.  (Except for tinsel.  Tinsel’s just a mess, like long strands of glitter that get everywhere.) The day after Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days because my husband lugs all the boxes holding our Christmas stuff down from the attic.  (See, he is a really good man, despite his hatred of putting up outdoor lights.)

My kids are very exact about where things go.  Tradition is king, over here at Bunkersdown.  There is no mixing it up or trying new things at my house.  The phrase you hear most while we’re decorating for Christmas (besides the “Mom!  He pushed/poked/passed gas on me!”) is “But this is where we ALWAYS put it!”

This year, my mother downsized in preparation for moving, and my sisters and I inherited most of her Christmas decorations.  So, for the first time in forever, things were rearranged as we made room for our new Christmas items.  Some bitter and tough negotiations went down, but I eventually got everything where I wanted it.  I simply had to remind my offspring of who actually makes the mortgage payments on the house each month.  (Which is my husband, not me as the non-flow monetary member of this relationship, but they don’t know that.)


In the past, the kids and I have made several of our decorations.  My favorite are the paper strip trees which have all been framed and have a special spot in our library.  But I really love the Christmas card ornaments that we made last year too.  (They involve canning lids, so how could I not adore these things?)

After some lovely and necessary Pinterest browsing, I have plans for some new projects this year.  In particular there is a reindeer garland that I’m dying to make, even though it involves copious amounts of cutting- which, you know is not my strength.  But my heart is set on having a reindeer garland, so I’m going to have to do it.  I’ll keep you informed on how it goes.

It is most definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas around these parts, Gentle Reader, and I absolutely love it.  The lights, wreathes, garlands, ornaments, and Advent Calendars (but never, EVER the tinsel) are everywhere.

How do the Holidays look at your house?


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9 Responses to It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

  1. We were supposed to go cut down our tree yesterday…but youngest daughter started vomiting Saturday evening, followed by middlest son, followed by every other man, woman and child in the house, plus I think the mice in the walls. So…right now Christmas looks like toys and blankets everywhere, with cereal and noodles mashed into the carpet because that’s all I could stomach making for anyone who could stomach eating, and which mostly sat ignored except by youngest son, who emptied every bowl while I weakly murmured “Shane, noooooooo.” And my outside is decorated by a pile of rage that I am going to have to wash in bleach. Or with a flame thrower. So, a giant snowman – bring it on!

    • Oh not vomiting mice inside the walls! I swear, stomach flus are the worst. THE WORST. Moms should be exempt from them. Let’s hope that everyone regains their digestive health soon. Until then don’t even think about Christmas decorations- unless they calm your stomach, in which case think about them all day long.

  2. *pile of rags, not rage. I think.

  3. Robin Kramer says:

    The above comment thread is so excellent that I entirely forgot what I was going to say.

    To the dear, poor mom with the houseful of vomiting children: my heart goes out to you. Rags or rage — little difference at this point. Just add lots of bleach, and when in doubt, a flamethrower certainly seems appropriate.

  4. Thank-you both for the chuckles and well wishes! I dragged myself into work today because it seemed the easiest way to rest, and brought pizza home for lunch. Only the oldest son, who would eat if even if his innards had been removed, had more than a couple bites, but I think we are on the mend And my husband the redneck is offended that I did not mention his “Elk on a Shelf” and the “cartridge in a bare tree” as decorations. Sigh.

  5. Karen @ The Food Charlatan says:

    “so freakin’ merry and bright” That’s pretty much how Christmas should be. I’ll have to consider the naked-lovin’ plan for lights next year.

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