Stepping on Horcruxes.

Gentle Reader, I am alive.

A few of you have expressed concern at my longer than normal silence (which did make me feel loved, unless you are all a bunch of stalkers and then I feel alarmed.)  But I am here to say I am alive and mostly intact.

The Thanksgiving holidays happened (lovely food, lovely family, lovely friends), not to mention homeschooling has been as intense and time consuming as ever (die pre-algebra, die.)

To add to my somewhat hectic schedule I managed over the weekend to break the two smallest toes on one of my feet.  In my defense, I am pretty sure the computer table was out to get me and consciously moved as I walked past.  Deliberate acts of furniture terrorism are never pretty, but this seemed particularly malicious.

My two sweet little toes, that I never realized were so crucial to walking, are black and purple all over.  My oldest daughter, Trinity, claims they look as if they have suffered from a dark curse, much like Dumbledore’s arm in The Half-Blood Prince (my favorite of all the Harry Potter novels.)  So, I’ve just been telling people that I stepped on a Horcrux.  It’s easier than trying to explain the fascist political theories of terrorist furniture and their agenda against people walking properly.

I do apologize, though, for all the silence lately.  I had toyed with the idea of, perhaps, giving up the blogging gig altogether.  I rationalized to myself that my schedule is too busy and that few people would really notice if I left the internet.  But then I realized that I like writing.  I honestly, promisedly enjoy writing things that make people laugh or chronicling the small moments in life.

I also realized that everyone has the same twenty-four hours in a day, not a minute more or less.  Time is the great equalizer, forcing all of us to prioritize our lives to fit within the same parameters.  As a mother, especially a homeschooling one, my life will always be a careful balancing act of avoiding the Horcruxes that litter my path.  But, if I give up doing all the things I love in my artful dodging and grooving through life, then was it really a life after all?

So I made a turkey day resolution (which are much cooler than New Year’s resolutions, just so you know.  Tryptophan epiphanies rock.) to start making time for more of the things I enjoy- especially writing on the ol’ blog.  Hopefully, that translates to more posts, more often.  At least, that’s the goal.

So until next time, my internet peeps, cherish your baby toes and try to enjoy your life as you sidestep any obstacles (especially vindictive desks) in your path.

Talk to you soon.



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8 Responses to Stepping on Horcruxes.

  1. Karen @ The Food Charlatan says:

    You quit blogging I’ll come break your other two baby toes.

  2. Loraine says:

    I second that motion!

  3. Jen Robinson says:

    I will not break any toes, but I will be sad if you stop. Of course, I contemplate stopping on a regular basis, so I do understand… Hope your toes recover quickly!

    • You can’t stop! I neeeeeed your book recommendations. If you stop, I’ll sic Karen on you! (There, now we’ll both keep going on and everybody’s happy. Overworked and slightly stressed, but happy.)

  4. Robin Kramer says:

    Whew — Karen brings that threat pretty convincingly. For the sake of your other foot and general mobility, I agree: please do not quit blogging. I say this not just for your physical well-being, but also for my own benefit. Not hearing your (online) voice regularly would make me feel like I’m losing a friend.

    So, it’s nice to have you back. And realize this: no matter how often you post, we’ll be here. (See? I’m like a friendly stalker?)

    • Friendly stalkers are good. As is general mobility. And deep down, I don’t think I was ever serious about quitting, but you know how sometimes all the minute and insignificant details of life cover up our path so well that we lose track of what we love doing? It was sort of like that.

      • Robin Kramer says:

        I get that on so many levels. And, honestly, I’ve also been in a slow-to-blog spell recently, and like you, I’ve contemplated quitting. There’s just All. The. Stuff. happening in life, and well, life must take precedence over blogging.

        Yet you say it so well…. I don’t want to lose track of what I love doing, and I DO love writing, so alas, the blog will go on. (Even if a little more irregularly than normal.)

        Hobble on, my friend.

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