Fall is my favorite.

We seem to be having a lovely, leisurely, albeit early autumn here in Indiana.  In the morning the air feels downright chilly and you can see all the children at the bus stops wearing their jackets and sweatshirts.  Later in the afternoon, however, the air warms up and those same kids get off the bus, lugging a backpack that’s had a jacket stuffed into it or with a sweatshirt tied around their waist.

My own children seem to go through several outfits daily.  In the morning they wear long sleeved shirts and cozy sweatpants.  Then after lunch they change into short sleeved t-shirts or maybe capris.  Then after dinner for swimming practice they put on sweats again.  I tell them everyday to fold up those warmer clothes and put them back in the drawer for later, but I don’t think they’re listening as we’ve had a sudden large increase in laundry.  Autumn = mucho laundry.

In our house, we all sleep with the windows open, letting in the colder night air.  When the kids are tucked in at night they are under one blanket.  In the morning, as I make my way downstairs, I notice that there are now multiple comforters cocooning my babies from the brisk chilly air.

Sleeping all bundled up with the windows open is my most favorite way to slumber.  Then, in the morning, when I go to put in my contacts which got chilled during the night- whoa Nellie.  It’s like a shot of adrenaline directly in my eyeballs.  GOOD MORNING.

(Believe me, Gentle Reader, I agree that it is completely ridiculous that such little things make me happy.  But a ridiculous life has proven to be quite a good life.)

This time of year my body seems to crave pumpkins and squash- despite the fact that I don’t actually like eating those things.  This week alone I’ve pinned dozens of acorn squash recipes, knowing full well I will never buy an actual acorn squash, ever.  In April, I do a nice spring cleaning of all my pinterest boards, getting rid of all those recipes I’ll never make in a million years, but in the fall I’m helpless against a dish that contains pumpkin, squash or cinnamon.

I also find myself craving caramel apples like nobody’s business.  There’s that recipe going around on facebook that has a hollowed out apple filled with a caramel sauce, then sliced into wedges.  I would normally copy that recipe in a heartbeat, but hollowing out that apple looks like a pain in the butt, and not even I can lie to myself good enough to make me believe I would ever really do it. Especially when you can just have regular ol’ apple slices and dip them into carmel.

Autumn also makes me want to cook everything over a campfire.  Hotdogs, the grossest of all processed food, sound delicious when our fire pit is put into use.  Smores seem like a dietary necessity.  Apparently in the fall time our bodies require copious amounts of additives and preservatives.

Steak and Shake, a local fast food chain, can apparently sense my weakness.  This time of year they offer carmel apple shakes and smores shakes.  It is very hard to restrain myself and not go down there every single day between the hours of 2 and 4 when half price happy hour is going on.

The ultimate enabler to all this gastrointestinal excess is the fact the fall time clothes are very forgiving.  Stretch pants and sweat pants and yoga pants- pretty much anything with an elastic waist- can hide a multitude of carmel apple shakes.  I know this from personal experience.

A don’t get me started on the sweaters.  Autumn is the season of sweaters and I love mine wholeheartedly. I’ve had some of them longer than I’ve had my children. They’re like old, familiar, 95% cotton friends that make me feel cozy and cared for. Last year I got a new sweater for the first time in years and when I put it in the closet for the first time I gave all my older sweaters a good pep talk on the importance of being good friends. I mean, nobody likes snobby sweater cliques.

Sometimes I think that Spring is my favorite season, but every fall I change my mind and decide that Autumn is the best. The scenery is gorgeous- and without all the weeding and pruning and digging that comes in the springtime.  Then when you add in all the food, the clothes, and the smells it’s really no contest.


Fall is my favorite and my best.

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