Summer Tally.

School starts tomorrow.

Yes, The Bunkersdown Academy for Bright but Strange Children will be opening its doors tomorrow.  Let the pre-algebra mayhem begin!  (As I typed that my blood pressure rose fifteen points and my palms got all clammy.  <gulp> What have I gotten myself into?)

I made a deliberate decision this year to have a laid back, unscheduled summer as much as humanly possible.  I didn’t want to be racing back and forth between lessons and appointments.  Instead, I wanted us to have time to relax and read, time to play, and time to get bored and come up with new ideas.

For the most part, my plan was successful.  Yet despite our slower pace, I got several things done this summer.  Here, in an effort to make me feel confident and strong as I stand on the cusp of quadratic equations and coefficient variables, is a list of the things I accomplished during our ten week break.

31 pints of salsa canned.

8 jars of raspberry lime jam preserved.

5 quarts of tomato soup made.

10 pints of shrimp stock processed.

16 trips to the library taken.

47 books read.

3 family reunions attended.

3 states visited.

30 weeks of U.S. history lessons mapped out.

36 chemistry classes planned and organized. (Please don’t let us blow anything up.)

250 future spelling words chosen and written down.

4 notebooks, 2 binders, and 3 folders readied for school, while 20 pencils haven been sharpened.

2 trips to the apple orchard taken (and 2 apple cider slushes consumed.)

10 private lessons for my reluctant offspring on how to correctly load the dishwasher taught.

6 long swim meets, complete with loud cheering and numb bottoms, attended.

28 episodes of How I Met Your Mother watched.

1 fabulous Kongos Lunatic c.d. purchased.

4 family members forced to listen to the above c.d. over and over until they were converted.

5 dates with the husband taken and enjoyed.

8 loaves of bread baked.

4 pounds of mozzarella cheese made.

16 new dinner recipes (13 successful, 3 not so much) attempted.

3 children repeatedly loved, encouraged, chastised, disciplined, and hugged.

Whew!  It has been a busy summer.  Surely, if I can accomplish all those things in just ten weeks, I can handle teaching a twelve year old boy some higher math.



Hold me, Gentle Reader, hold me.

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2 Responses to Summer Tally.

  1. Big hugs! You are amazing and you will be able to teach higher math! If you need to, use Kahn Academy on Youtube. I’m not sure that’s how it’s spelled, though.

    I NEED your raspberry lime jam recipe, pretty please! I would LOVE to try it. And since I live so very far away, I can’t just come taste yours.

    My summer consisted of an immense amount of stress, the wedding and reception (8 weeks apart so the stress couldn’t just be done) and lots of scouting. Did I mention stress? I wish I had accomplished so much more, but I did what needed to be done and that is going to have to be good enough.

  2. Robin Kramer says:

    You TOTALLY can handle higher math, my friend. In fact, your list of summer accomplishments leaves me dizzy. Forty-seven books read? 47? I’m an avid reader, but not nearly as prolific as you. Color me impressed!

    And apple cider slushies? Now is one of those times when I wish I could taste something through my computer screen.

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