My weekend verbs.

This weekend I’ve been feeling:

Delighted at the chance of 50% off jellybeans at the supermarkets on Monday.

Refreshed after a delicious Easter dinner with family and friends.

Relieved that the husband did most of the clean up from the aforementioned Easter dinner.

Proud that thirty small heirloom tomato seeds have all sprouted in their individual pots under the grow-lights assembled in my living room.

Inundated by the Frozen soundtrack that my youngest child got from the Easter Bunny.  All day long I find myself singing, “Do you want to build a snowman?”  My son remarked sadly, “I remember a time before the movie Frozen took over our lives.”  I, however, cannot.

Amazed at the tiny asparagus plants that are emerging from their garden bed, despite the harsh winter, the over-zealous mole that attacked them, and a late frost.

Exhausted by the very loud and incessant snoring of my cat who refuses to sleep anywhere except in my bed.

Entertained by the chickens’ love of dandelions that my six year old has fostered by picking every weed in a three house radius.

Mystified that April is almost over.  May is practically at the door- where has this year gone?

Pleased with the fact that in the past week I have made three freezer meals by simply doubling what I’m making for supper and then wrapping the second meal in miles of plastic wrap.  (Miles and miles of plastic wrap.) I have finally discovered freezer meal cooking that I can actually do.

Disappointed that I gobbled up the latest in a book series I love.  Instead of stretching out the reading to make the book last longer, I devoured it in a single sitting.  Now I have a whole year (or more) until the next one comes out.  Clearly I have no control when it comes to books.

How was your weekend, Gentle Reader?  What verbs have you been doing lately?

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7 Responses to My weekend verbs.

  1. Christy Cruz says:

    What verbs have I been doing? What a great question!
    I have been doing: parenting…twin 13 year olds who are in the throes of puberty
    I have been feeling: loving…my family is loud in it’s love and we were very loud this weekend! The laughing and teasing and just plain talking.
    I have been watching: growing kids…watching those twins, and their older brother, growing into closer friends, advocates for each other, and such interesting, engaged people.

    Those verbs I have been familiarizing myself with of late.

  2. Becca says:

    If you wrote a series, I would most definitely read it in one sitting. I just love the way you write! Love you and your family :).

  3. Robin Kramer says:

    Grading. Oh, so much grading! I’ve made it through 24 10-paged essays, with 9 more to go, and a final round of speeches starts tomorrow.

    Caffeinating. (See above.)

    Procrastinating. (Ditto.)

    I’m digging your verbs. And like Becca, I love the way you write, too.

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