Flashback Friday: So much to love.

There are just so many things I love about this photograph that was taken six years ago.  How do I love thee photo?  Let me count the ways.


fam 034

1-  My nephew’s chubby cheeks.  They simply create happiness by merely looking at them.  Imagine if you got to nibble on them.

2-  How you can totally tell that Trinity is grinning to beat the band while holding her little sister, even though her little sister’s panicked face is covering her mouth.  When Trin smiles, she does it with her entire face.

3-  And how about that panicked baby Eden?  I find her little face hilarious.  She is completely thinking, “A crazy person is holding me!  Danger Will Robinson!  Danger Will Robinson!”

4-  And look at Will’s haircut.  It looks like I cut his hair by placing a bowl on his head.  (Which I might have really done.  The boy had multiple crazy cowlicks.)

5-  Finally, the homemade Bob the Builder pillowcase?  Love.  It.  Oh Bob, how I miss you.  You represent a simpler time in my life (a less groomed and sleep deprived time, but simpler nonetheless.)


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