Flashback Friday: an Aw moment.

Everybody can use an “Aw!” moment.  You know, one of those times when something is cute and lovely and precious enough, that it moves a small part of your soul and you are so touched that you are rendered speechless and forced to emit a high pitched, “Awwww!” sound that relieves a little bit of the built up emotions coursing through your body.

(It’s why so many people post pictures of cats and puppies on Facebook.  They’re trying to trigger an “Aw” moment.)

When I am in desperate need of an “Aw” moment I look at this photo:

Sept-Oct 2008 060

It has all the prerequisites that are necessary.  There’s an extremely tiny but cute-beyond-expression myopic pony.  There are two darling children that I happen to be quite partial towards, who are looking wistful or nostalgic.  And don’t forget the strong yellow sunlight shining down all around, making everything seem warmer and brighter.

Wait…here it comes…I can’t stop it…  “Awwww.”

Whew, that’s the stuff.  Like a good stretch or a giant yawn or slight cough that completely clears your throat, a nice solid “Aw” moment just makes you feel better.

Happy weekend, Gentle Reader.  Here’s hoping you have an “Aw” moment or two.

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2 Responses to Flashback Friday: an Aw moment.

  1. where did you find that pony!! Such melancholy. I love this picture.

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