Flashback Friday: It’s spring! (Technically.)

Despite the fact that tomorrow it will be below freezing, despite the fact that there is snow in the forecast, and despite the fact that much of the ground is still frozen, it is technically spring.


Yesterday I had my first smell of the season.  I convinced the husband to work the tiller in a couple of the garden boxes so that I can get some seeds into the ground.  The smell of gasoline mixed with the fragrance of freshly dug dirt and it made me so happy, I just stood on the backdoor step, taking it all in, despite goosebumps on my arms.

This flashback photo of my sister and me brings to my mind everything that is spring:  sunshine and kittens and roller-skates and scabbed knees and dirty children and band-aids.

scrapbook (38)

Today, thirty-six years later, scooters and bikes litter my own driveway as my children track in dirt and mud to every corner of the house.  Wrappers from band-aids litter the floor surrounding the bathroom garbage can upstairs in efforts to doctor scraped knees.  The smell of freshly worked soil drifts in through the open window- despite temperatures in the high 40’s and low 50’s.

Temperature is just a number.

Technically it’s Spring.



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