Around here.

Around here….we are bombarded daily by obscure Olympic factoids by a very excited twelve year old boy.  For example, this morning, at an insanely early hour, I learned that the summer games have 41 events and the winter games only have fifteen.  Now you know too.

Around here…the fastest way to warm up is to hold a cuddly six year old on your lap and read her Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Around here…the freezer holds four boxes of Girl Scout cookies today.  But it will not hold four boxes tomorrow.

Around here…the chickens are apparently from the ice planet Hoth, because they are doing so great in all this snow and freezing temperatures.  The ladies aren’t even sleeping inside the warm guts of a Taun-Taun, but they keep producing three to four eggs a day.

Around here…we’ve had so much snow that even our ten year old sledding enthusiast looked at the newly fallen seven inches yesterday morning and yelled, “I’m over it!  Bring on spring!”

Around here…there has been much rejoicing amongst the adults over the new season of Sherlock.  (Oh Benedict Cumberbatch you send me.  Honest you do, honest you do.)

Around here…the husband has the date circled on the calendar when the last episodes of Breaking Bad will be released on Netflix, while the wife has made plans to do something else (anything else) that night.

Around here…all children stay in their pajamas while doing math and grammar.  It’s the homeschooling equivalent of a two hour weather delay.

Around here…I made Buttery, Yeasted Waffles for dinner last night from a recipe I found at smitten kitchen.  The waffles were beyond delicious and completely changed my life.  They’ll change yours too.  Make them today.

Around here…everyone is just treading water, trying to get through the bleak February doldrums.  (But fancy waffles and Girl Scout cookies help.)

What’s been happening where you are?

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2 Responses to Around here.

  1. Christy Cruz says:

    Around here…between Middle School play practice, extra choir rehearsals, percussion ensemble rehearsals and competition, National Junior Honor Society meetings and volunteer hours, the taxi driver known as MOM needs a day of rest.

  2. Peter R says:

    Just a note the entire third season of Sherlock is online and you can find it if you search” Sherlock Holmes season 3 episode ___ full episode” and going to videos. the best provide seems to be putlocker a UK site.

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