Living in a frozen snow globe.

Yesterday in Indianapolis we received twelve inches of snow.  Which might not sound impressive (especially if you have Chicago blood in you, Gentle Reader), but it is.

It all came down in a ten hour period, in a city that rarely receives more than six inches of snow.  It also came down three days after a surprise snowstorm that left five inches on the ground.


Finally, to truly impress upon you how things stand, let me inform you that the temperature high today is -11.  With windchill factored in the high will be -24.  And the low temperature, with windchill, shall be -35 degrees.  MINUS THIRTY-FIVE DEGREES.

I haven’t seen temperatures like this outside a Little House on the Prairie book.

Perhaps people in Anchorage, Alaska would find this normal, however we do not.  Indianapolis prepared as if it was heading into the zombie apocalypse.  Beforehand, entire grocery stores were emptied as a line ten people deep waited for a cart and the opportunity to merely enter and pick over the manufactured food dregs.

I am not even kidding.  It was as if half of Indy’s population had never cooked inside their home before and now had to stock up since everyone would be snowbound for a few days without pizza delivery.

Then the Mayor held a press conference to warn everyone that temperatures this low can cause frostbite within ten minutes and are deadly.  Optimistically, I would hope that the viewing audience already knew this, but realistically I know they didn’t.  The Mayor went on to cancel all the schools in the area and pleaded with businesses to remain closed until after lunch.

The entire city knew the poop had hit the fan when strong winds caused snow to drift over freshly plowed streets.  It then became illegal in my county to drive unless of an emergency.

The good news is that tomorrow shall be a bit warmer, the high will actually get to -1 while the low only reaches down to -11.

Pray for us shivering Hoosiers, Gentle Reader and put on a second pair of socks in our honor.  I’m off to hunt for some long underwear.

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4 Responses to Living in a frozen snow globe.

  1. Marie says:

    I hope you’ve done some great experiments in the cold…I heard on NPR today about freezing a banana and using it as a hammer; blowing bubbles outside & watching them freeze instantly and then bounce on the ground; and cracking a raw egg on the concrete, waiting 30 minutes, and returning to a raw egg you can pick up with your hands. Missing out on the chance to do any of these things almost makes me jealous of you Polar Vortex folk. Almost, but not quite. Hope you’re enjoying lots of hot chocolate!

    • I have done none of those things, which makes me very ashamed. It was just so cold, that I only ventured outside to feed the chickens and gather their frozen eggs. However, we did play the Farming Game for three days and the older kids can now calculate interest when paying debt. That’s sort of intellectual-ish. Kind of.

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