Adventing the month away.

I don’t remember much about last year’s Christmas season.  That’s what happens when you spend your days suffering from a kidney stone the size of your thumb while you’re in and out of the hospital:  either you’re in too much pain to notice much or you’re floating high on painkillers.

Most of what I do remember is getting to the end of January and realizing that I missed six weeks of my life.  Six weeks that included a Christmas that I would never get back.

So this year things are going to be different.  I’m celebrating the holiday season every single day in December.  Yes, that’s right, Gentle Reader- every single wonderful, kidney-stone free day.

How am I going to be doing this, you ask?  It’s simple (plus I consulted Pinterest and made a list.  Then checked it twice for good measure.)

Some days the kids and I will make cookies and other Christmas treats.  Chocolate coconut bars?  Cranberry scones?  Eggnog cheesecake?  Oh yes- they’re on the list.  Other days the kids and I will make ornaments or do holiday art projects- because nothing says “Merry Christmas!” like using your glue gun.  And on one special day we’re going to go see the beautiful lights downtown and at the Indianapolis Zoo.

However, December is full of hectic days when there is no time for baking or decorating or seeing the sights.  So on those busy days we will relax by watching a Christmas movie as a family.  Elf, The Muppet Christmas Carol, A Christmas Story, The Santa Clause, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas:  these are all my favorites and I’d like to experience a few of them with my kids this year.

Or, maybe there’s no time for a movie so instead, we’ll  read some Christmas picture books together (some of the best? How Santa got His Job by Stephen Krensky and The Santa Trap by Jonathan Emmett- you should check these babies out.)

And on the busiest, craziest day when someone has strep throat and the power goes out?  (Because you know it could happen.)  We’ll get out the Christmas pillow cases and put them on our beds.  Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

You see?  I’ve got it all figured out.


I love Christmas and all it stands for.  Last year I missed it all.  I refuse to miss a minute this year.

What are your plans for December, Gentle Reader?  I’m all ears.

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2 Responses to Adventing the month away.

  1. Oh how I miss the Indianapolis zoo! Sounds like you’ve got your work/fun cut out for you. I’m ashamed to see that Home Alone is missing from your movie list though 🙂 PS I will have to check out those Christmas books. I know I can always trust your book recommendations.

    • I promise, promise, promise that we will be watching Home Alone this year. We’re going to the cousins house for Christmas and plan on watching it there. And when he says, “Eh, I’ll give it a whirl” I will think of you.

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