A cat on a lap.

Colder weather is here.  Every morning frost decorates the grass and the chickens complain as they scratch the cold ground.  The brave soul who exchanges their frozen, dirty waterer with a clean, fresh one gets an earful each day break.

Sweaters, thick socks, and homemade knit hats are our school uniform these days.  (With the occasional footed pajamas making an appearance here and there.)  There is something so cozy about being bundled up and fuzzy socks make grammar worksheets and long division slightly more bearable.

My basket of warm blankets, kept next to the fireplace, is constantly used as my children burrow under the fleece comforters and quilts while doing their schoolwork on the couch.

Our two cats, ever looking for opportune moments, take full advantage of this.  With some inborn, keen radar these felines intuit exactly when blankets are being used and within minutes they have found themselves a warm spot on a covered lap.

My equally opportunistic children use this situation for their own couch potato ends.  Whenever I call for a child to perform some chore or task, I often receive the reply, “I can’t get up- I have a cat on my lap.”

I will not lie to you, Gentle Reader, I’ve used this excuse myself.

Apparently this is the type of household I have:  where a cat on a lap must not be disturbed at any cost.


(Just Write.)

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3 Responses to A cat on a lap.

  1. My kids use that same excuse. What a cozy picture you have painted. I think I need to find my fuzzy socks now!

  2. One of the best excuses out there.

  3. So sweet. And that is a hilarious picture of the cat. 🙂

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