Houston, we have eggs.

So remember last week, when I was all “Houston, we have a problem.  My chickens aren’t laying eggs.”?

Well, it just goes to show you that even chickens respond to criticism from the internet, because by George, we have eggs.  Specifically, we have one chicken laying one egg, daily.


She refuses to lay her eggs in the egg boxes that my husband built.  The chickens have decided that those boxes make great places to sleep.  Instead, my little egg maker created a little nest in the far corner under the roosts where they should be sleeping.


If anyone messes up her little nest, she gets quite huffy and uses her fat, feathery bottom to make a new one.  Frankly?  It’s adorable and I have to discipline myself so I’m not outside constantly rearranging her little area just to watch her chicken OCD in action.

Will the other chickens ever lay eggs?  There’s one other gal in our group that I have my eye on.  Her comb has gotten longer and more red.  Which, evidently, is a sign that egg laying is imminent.  Who knew?

So, if all goes well, our future egg layer will soon follow the example of her big sister and lay her eggs in a cute little nest that I can reach easily.

Chicken peer pressure-  here’s hoping it’s an actual thing.

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