The Grand Expedition, part I

I’ve been a little sparse on the posts, gentle reader, and I’d like to apologize.  My only excuse is that we were on vacation.  I wanted to let you know before we left, but the husband is convinced that out of the dozens of people who read my blog, one is an obsessed stalker who is just waiting for the opportunity to break into our house and boil a rabbit on the stove.

Or something like that.  Hence, all the silence.

But the good news is that now I’m back and I can tell you all about our trip.  Here are the statistics:

Distance traveled:  3556 miles.

States driven through:  7.

National parks visited:  3 (Badlands, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton.)

National monuments or historic sites we saw: 3 (Mount Rushmore, the Minute Man Missile facility, and Devil’s Tower.)

National forests visited:  5 or 6.

Length of our trip:  12 days.

Number of nights spent sleeping in a tent:  7.

Number of nights it rained on us:  3.

Total of pictures taken: 311 and that was after an exhaustive, ruthless pruning process.

Amount of Smores and low-sodium Pringles consumed:  I’m too embarrassed to say.










All in all, it was a lovely trip filled with memories, laughs, and lots of family.  In fact, this may have possibly been our best vacation ever.

At least until next year.



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7 Responses to The Grand Expedition, part I

  1. I snorted at the rabbit boiling. It hurt because I had cookie in my mouth.
    Good heavens woman, YOUR PICTURES ARE AMAZING.
    Glad you’re back. Really, REALLY glad. It’s not Indiana without you.

  2. Megan says:

    We took that same trip about 6 years ago. Funny seeing your pictures cause we have the same ones! But I totally agree – great trip.

  3. athenamiles says:

    Oh I dream of doing that trip!!! Except for the camping in a tent part. 🙂 Beautiful pictures! I am a weird person who loves hearing about vacations and seeing pictures so I can’t wait to hear more about it! Welcome back, you came back just in time for some lovely sounding weather (“they” say.)

  4. I echo the above sentiments: AMAZING pictures!

    I, too, refrain from blogging about travels when I’m in the midst of those travels for the very same reason, except that I’ve never quite visualized the rabbit boiling on my stove. (Still, you’ve provided one more very good reason to keep up with this practice…)

    Looks like a wonderful trip!

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