Poop happens.

“It’s funny,” my son mused out loud. “You usually get colds in the winter and stomach flu stuff in the fall and spring.  But diarrhea can happen at anytime.  It’s a year round sickness.”

He says this as we watch Eden run to the bathroom for the tenth time this morning.

“Don’t watch me through the bathroom door!  Or talk about me!” yells a very distraught six year old.  “Diarrhea is private!”

Sadly it’s not, though.  This tiny microscopic virus has wreaked such havoc in all of our lives this weekend.  Everyone’s activities and errands have been cancelled or rearranged and I have spent much of the past twenty-four hours consoling my miserable girl on the couch.  I vaguely seem to recall this thing called sleep.  I miss it.

At least there’s someone who’s been enjoying these poopy days of our lives.


As you can see, our cat has taken full advantage of Eden’s sickness and used it to his benefit.

It’s the worst sort of feline opportunism.


Please send pedialyte.  And non-bowel movement-like thoughts and wishes. Thank you.

(Just Write.)

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6 Responses to Poop happens.

  1. Sarah Bear says:

    I don’t want to sound naggy, but it seems a bit unfair to blog about your child’s illness after she made the strict point to her own family that it’s private. I mean, if she asked you all not to discuss it, I don’t understand why you would turn around to share with the entire Internet about it.

    • From the context of how I wrote this post that is a valid point. Really, though, she just hates it when her brother “diagnoses” her. He kind of acts like a know it all around her and it drives her crazy. She, herself, has told several people how she has “the diarrhea.” But thank you for showing such concern.

  2. thehorriblehag says:

    Sending poop free thoughts your way : )

  3. 😦 that stinks!
    hope you feel better soon! And my son would do the same thing with his sister. It’s really not private, nothing is in a family!

    Found you on Just Write!
    nice to meet you!

  4. Oh, my. I hope that your lovely Eden is feeling better quickly, and that no misery passes to any other member of your family!

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