Weekend update. With chickens.


I have managed to keep our four new chickens alive for the entire weekend.  Which is actually harder than you’d think, as chickens don’t seem to spend too much time focusing on self-preservation.  They’re rather like two year olds.


I know this, because we have had friends visiting our house for the past few days and one of them happens to be two years old.  Her behavior is eerily similar to that of our chickens.



So much jumping, so much flapping, so much bossing, so much eating of corn on the cob.  Two year olds and chickens are like mirror images, say I.

In a nutshell I must report that it’s been a rather spectacular weekend.  Chickens make everything better.  They really, really do.

Friday we saw the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform in downtown Indianapolis.  It was the first time they have toured Indy in over one hundred years, so it was all rather amazing.


Watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir while knowing we were getting chickens?  Made MoTab even more amazing.

And don’t even get me started on how much the kids love our chickens.  My daughters and our other guest spent much of the time on the trampoline this weekend, which is situated with a clear view of the chicken coop.  After hours of playing on the trampoline, Trinity told me, “It’s like jumping and watching t.v. at the same time!” Which is her idea of heaven.


Yep.  Everything is better with chickens.

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4 Responses to Weekend update. With chickens.

  1. Please tell my husband that life is better with chickens! We have an acre…and no chickens. He says they’re mean and expensive to maintain. Luckily I have neighbors who share their abundance of chicken eggs with us!

    • I will say that building the coop was pricey. (A couple hundred dollars to do the job right.) But chicken feed is cheaper than dog or cat food, plus you can supplement it with table scraps, garden scraps, etc. And different chickens have different personalities. There are many, MANY breeds that are gentle and docile. So I say you should get chickens.

  2. kristin says:

    I clicked over from Moosh’s site, and was so pleasantly surprised to see Vivi! Love your writing, will def come back for some more 🙂 Enjoy the chickens.

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