One Last Art Project Hurrah.

Today is our last day of school.

I remember when I was in school, the last few days of the year were filled with cleaning out desks or lockers, signing yearbooks, and lots of goofing off while teachers raced to get the last grades marked and reported.

That’s not really how it works with homeschooling.  Well, except for the goofing off.  In our house, there’s always some goofing off going on.

I wanted to end our scholastic year with a bang, a big review project to remind the kids (and myself) of all the exciting things we learned.  So when I saw the A to Z Project Review over at Pioneer Woman, I fell in love.

This week my older children have written an ABC book, complete with illustrations.  Each page is dedicated to a letter in the alphabet, which then represents a specific topic we have studied this year.


Will and Trinity had to come up with topics for each of the letters (including Q, V, Y, and Z) so they spent an entire day going through their binders for old papers and spelling words.  They kept saying things like “Do you remember when we learned this?” and “Oh, yeah, I remember that.”  It was the best review of all time, because it didn’t feel like a review.  It felt like fun.

When my six year old saw the older two children having so much fun, she immediately insisted (loudly) on having her own project.  Six year olds have educational rights too, apparently.

So after scrolling through art ideas on Pinterest, I found a special project just for Eden.  After a quick trip to Hobby Lobby (40% off coupons rule!), we got down to business.


Using acrylic paints and a kitchen sponge, Eden painted a sky and  grass onto her canvas.  I discovered that if I put small amounts of different hued paint close together, she could easily dab on a background full of highlights and lowlights, without any blood, sweat, or tears.


Eden then used a brush to paint flower stems onto her canvas.

While all the paint was drying, Eden’s next task was to cut out small, medium, and large circles from scrapbook paper.  There were a few reminders from me that circles don’t have straight edges or sharp points.  There were a few sighs and hand shaking from Eden, as her little fingers got tired.  But in the end, she had several circles to make her flowers.

After cutting out her circles, Eden then arranged them into flowers.  She picked out buttons for the centers and I sewed them onto the flowers with just a few stitches.


Finally, we hot-glued the flowers to the stems on the canvas.

Eden did this project over two days, and when everything was finished she was incredibly happy with her last kindergarten art project.


That’s one mighty pleased little girl, right there.

Eden’s little garden canvas now hangs above her bed, where she can see it everyday as a reminder of what she did in school this year.

Well, gentle reader, I must leave you.  We’ve got three more hours of school until summer vacation.  I need to go remind a fourth grader that emperor is not spelled “emporer” and there’s one last chapter of Little House in the Big Woods that needs reading.

Then I think we’ll goof off a little bit.



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2 Responses to One Last Art Project Hurrah.

  1. Andrea K. says:

    coolest art project ever.

  2. Loraine says:

    Congratulations on a wonderful year! We are so proud of all of you!!
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa Bunker

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