A jolly holiday.

I’ve been a mom for almost twelve years.  Twelve wonderful and exhausting years, that I wouldn’t exchange for anything.

Sometimes, though, all moms need a little vacation.  A break from wiping noses, making beds, cooking dinner, and all of the million other tasks that come with having children.

Last week I got that holiday.  A lovely friend was invited to a conference at Disney World and she decided to bring me along.

I would just like to state for the record that there is no more magical, wonderful, or incredible place on the entire planet than Disney World, especially when one is in dire need of a break from the everyday humdrum.    Don’t even think of arguing with me gentle reader.

Where else can you ride roller coasters big or small?

WDW Animal Kingdom

WDW Magic Kingdom

Where else does the sight of princesses make your heart thump madly or your eyes tear up even though you’re a grown woman of forty?

WDW Princesses

WDW Princesses

WDW Princesses
Where else can you travel the world by just walking a few steps?

WDW Epcot Center

WDW Epcot Center

WDW Epcot Center

And see the most amazing plants and flowers?

WDW flowers

WDW Epcot Center

And is there anything more magical than seeing the lights of Tomorrow land?

WDW Tomorrowland

Or Cinderella’s castle at night?

WDW Cinderella Castle

Or watching fireworks through the floating lanterns next to Rapunzel’s tower?

WDW Rapunzel's Lanterns

There isn’t, there truly isn’t.

And while several times a day I wished with my whole heart that my family was beside me, there was something very healing and rejuvenating about having a small break from my mommy and wife roles.

Sometimes a magical vacation away from home is just what you need to be a better mother and a kinder spouse.

How grateful I am for a family that understands that.

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3 Responses to A jolly holiday.

  1. Wow! What a dreamy vacation! I’m green with envy. A couple in my ward just went to Disneyland without their kids. It’s truly a novel concept! I’m so glad you got to go!

  2. Your pictures are AMAZING.

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