Mental health day.

Today, a universal mental health day was pronounced for everyone here at Bunkersdown.

It was a well needed break since one small person had an earache and upset belly all night, Daddy had a headache, and  Mom was exhausted.  So, as a family, we skipped church, stayed in our pajamas, and rested.

Here is what I discovered:  The family that slacks off together, rejuvenates together.  With nothing to do and no place to go, I was able to de-stress and stop talking in a high pitched voice, the children ceased in their perpetual arguing, and my husband’s pinched forehead once more became smooth and unwrinkled.

We missed church, it is true.  That doesn’t happen very often around here.  But I believe that some days, laying in bed well into the morning while your children are laughing downstairs is spiritual.  Eating popcorn and lemonade slushies for lunch can be a religious experience.  And watching the rain fall on strawberry plants feels sacred.


Quite simply, there are days when what you need most is the religion of family.

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