A house in chaos (and angsty French cats.)

Well, gentle reader, I am sad to report that I have no organizational project for you this Friday.  Oh, it is not for lack of trying.  Indeed there are several half completed projects around the house.  However, this week seemed to be a parade of small home disasters, causing me to go from room to room making temporary quick fixes here and there.

I keep telling myself that by next Friday everything will be neat, tidied, and organized.  I just say it over and over to myself, until I stop hyperventilating.

But I couldn’t leave you empty handed, I have too much love for you gentle reader, to do something like that.  Watch the video, that’s my present to you.

No matter how completely chaotic and crazy my life has become, I can comfort myself with the fact that poor, poor Henri the cat has it worse than me.

(I first saw this beauteous video over at Moosh in Indy.  As always, Casey changed my life for the better that day.)

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5 Responses to A house in chaos (and angsty French cats.)

  1. Loraine says:

    Merci Beaucoup, Ami, Merci!!
    Avec amour, Loraine

  2. Ha, ha! That little film just totally made my day… I’m especially enjoying “I’m surrounded by morons.”

    🙂 Happy Weekend, Ami!

  3. My favorite part was hearing a French person say “Cheeseburgers.”

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