Lessons learned this weekend.

1-  Instructing an eleven year old boy to put on “nice pants” is incredibly too vague.  One must specify “nice pants, without holes or stains, that cover your ankles.”

2- If you say to your ten year old daughter in an extremely chipper voice, “I’m going to let you have fun and dust the shelves as a special reward because you have been so well behaved today,” the other children will beg and clamor to dust shelves also.  And then you will not have to do any of it.

3-  If you place russet potatoes directly on a pizza stone in a 425 degree oven for fifty-five minutes, without tinfoil or any other protective device, the insides will be moist, soft, and delicious.  However, the skins will be charred, rock-hard surfaces that you will need to cut with a hacksaw in order to reach the lovely insides.

4-  Coconut shrimp curry over rice is delicious.  It is even more delicious when eaten with new friends.  And it is most delicious the next day as you hide out in the bathroom eating leftovers, so the kids can’t find you and demand some.

5-  If one of your children practices the Boogie-Woogie Blues enough on the piano, it will quickly become the sound track to every single thing you do: showering, emptying the dishwasher, writing a blog post, etc.  It is impossible to get that jazzy little tune out of your head, and you will probably hum it for the rest of your natural life.

6-  If you spend too much time in the garden, on a sunny day, with your camera, you end up with approximately four billion close-up shots of the beautiful spring flowers and plants.  (Because once you learn how to use that macro setting, there’s just no going back.)







What exciting things did you learn over the weekend?

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2 Responses to Lessons learned this weekend.

  1. Wow! Those are great pictures! Makes me want to go use my camera. Not likely to happen, though. I’m supposed to be looking for a Kohl’s gift card coupon thingy. *heavy sigh* Good job on your Tom Sawyer move with the dusting! I hope that works for awhile for you. I’ve had to add dusting to my kids chore chart, otherwise it simply never gets done.

  2. Loraine says:

    Ah, the whole thing was beautiful. Will have to have you help teach me about ‘the whole macro thing.’ Nice!!

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