Weekend highlights.

I spent most of this weekend, gentle reader, in the kitchen.  Or the car.  Or locked in battle with a disgruntled, argumentative child.


Pretty much it was your average, run of the mill weekend.  There were several highlights, however.


I got to see one of my cousins in all her rotund, pregnant splendor.  It’s very extraordinary (and aging) to see someone you remember as a baby, having a baby of her own.  Strange, but lovely.


I found a two pound bag of the most delicious smelling garlic at the store and snatched it up faster than you could say ‘breath mint?‘  I’ve already used two entire heads in my culinary adventures thus far.  No doubt you can smell my kitchen from the street, but the scent of garlic fills me with such strong feelings of contentment.

Perhaps the United Nations should start a campaign entitled: “Word Peace, One Garlic Clove at a Time.”


I read two books this weekend:  Home Dairy with Ashley English and Young House Love by Sherry & John Petersik.  I am now filled with an overwhelming desire to buy a milk cow and stable him in my back yard next to the trampoline so that I can try making all different sorts of cheeses.  I’m sure the HOA won’t mind because I’ll use some of the projects I read about in Young House Love to add tons of curb appeal to my domicile.  Not to mention, the splendiferous aroma of all my garlic will mask any manure stinkiness that might occur.

See I’ve thought it all out.


Finally, as the piece de resistance, I made the apple cheddar scones I found on Pinterest that I’ve been salivating over for weeks now.  They turned out lovely and delicious.  (Although, I’m convinced if I made my own cheddar, these scones would taste even more amazing.)

I need that cow.    And maybe some chickens……

How was your weekend?


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3 Responses to Weekend highlights.

  1. Julie Wing says:

    Apple cheddar scones?! Oooooh my heaven.

  2. Um, that scone looks extravagant!
    My weekend was less culinarily-successful than yours, but still quite lovely. (Yes, I recognize that “culinarily” is not a word, but I think that it ought to be.)

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