From Africa, with love.

My in-laws visited us last week for a few days.  We haven’t seen them for almost two years because they’ve been working in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as missionaries.

Yep, Africa.  So, as you can imagine, there were lots of hugs and quite a few snuggles.

And because they’re quality grandparents, there were lots of presents. Some were lovely knick-knacks and cool do-dads (these are technical terms, of course) from Africa, while others were more sentimental gifts.

My mother-in-law gave the girls the Madame Alexander dolls she had played with as a little girl, complete with bed and wardrobe.



They were a huge hit.  After decades of peace and quiet, these poor dolls were dressed and undressed within an inch of their lives.  They are, no doubt, up in the dollhouse as I type, utterly exhausted from all the affection they have received these passed few days.

Poor dollies.  Love hurts.

My father-in-law gave Will the microscope and lab set he had played with as a child.  Will loved it.  LOVED it.  He loved it so much that I now realize that he is going to have a future in the C.S.I. business.  I only hope that it’s C.S.I Miami, so that when I visit him I can see the beach as well.  Plus, I just don’t want him getting involved with any showgirls from C.S.I Las Vegas.


I’ll be posting more of my Will-as-a-forensic-specialist thoughts on a future post.

I know you’re all just waiting now with bated breath.

After receiving all these lovely items, I had nothing to give my in-laws except love, delicious food, and a trip to one of our favorite places in Indianapolis- the downtown library.

It was an even trade, obviously.








All in all, it was a simply lovely visit with my in-laws.  Not too fussy, not too hurried, not too rushed.

However, I realized as I was editing all the photographs I took over the past few days that I only took four decent pictures with my in-laws actually in them.

Whoops.  We really need Grandma and Grandpa to hurry back for another visit, so I can rectify that situation.

Eden agrees that they should come again quickly.  In fact, she was overheard saying, “Grandma and Grandpa should visit again soon!  And bring us more stuff!”

You’ve got to love five year olds.  No really, you’ve got to.  I think it’s a law.

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4 Responses to From Africa, with love.

  1. Loraine says:

    Dear Ami,
    Thank you so much for our wonderful time there! We hope to return soon. The presents were your presence. We love you all.
    Grandma and Grandpa

  2. love for old toys is so tangible, seen in immediate rips of antique clothing and fragile, cockeyed doll eyeballs. i love thinking about your girls franticly dressing the fragile..

  3. Kristin says:

    I miss INDY!!!!! I love that you write about you life there because it makes me happy to remember good times there. I keep telling Cory “We should just move back to Indy!” Maybe in later years. Right now it is so great to be close to family again, but we sure miss our Indy family, so much some times it hurts 😦 I love the library pics, this is what made me almost cry. Looks like they got new computers 🙂 Thanks Ami for your blog! I may not comment all the time (life is busy with four kiddos) but I do love to catch up on it when time allows.
    P.S. those vintage dolls are probably really valuable, in more ways than one for sure! And my Eden would LOVE that microscope kit, that thing looks awesome!

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