“Do you have Pink-it?” I ask my youngest as I tuck her into bed, during what has become our nightly refrain.

“I do!” she answers cheerfully as she snuggles under her floral comforter, oblivious to the dark outside.

We discovered early on that no good sleep was to be had (for ourselves or our daughter) without Pink-it, a fleecy, pale pink baby blanket that apparently has magical soporific powers.  On those rare occasions when Pink-it could not be found, there has been a great wailing and gnashing of teeth, along with much interrupted sleep.  It is better for everyone in the house, that Pink-it is kept close by.

I cannot recall who gave us this vital piece of material or when exactly it came into our lives.  I am not even sure who christened it.  All I know is that Pink-it is an inanimate object that has become a critical member of this household.

Eden, over the years, has created additional objects that provide confidence and safety.  There is a second fleecy blanket called ‘Pretend Pink-it’ that can soothe her in a pinch.  There are favorite pajamas and clothes that can be worn on stressful days and chosen books that can be read during thunderstorms.

But Pink-it is special.  It is Pink-it that was wrapped around her when she had the stomach flu last week.  It is Pink-it who rode in the car with Eden on her first day of preschool.  And it is Pink-it who has traveled the country from Florida to Utah to Chicago as we take trips and vacations.

Pink-it is security.  Pink-it is family.


(Just Write.)



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4 Responses to Security

  1. Oh this post is dear to my heart…I had (ok, have) a pink blanket that was my complete security. It came on all vacations, slept by my every night, definitely made sick days better. My mom eventually started to put it in our linen closet after washing it, but I would get it out every time. The sad truth…it’s here in Indiana. And in surprisingly good condition. Don’t judge.

  2. Oh aren’t comfort blankies the best! My daughter had 5 of the same pink silky/fleecy blankies just in case. She doesn’t need it as much anymore (a big 6.5 year old now), but when she is hurt, sad, or really tired she needs her blankie. Thank you for sharing.

  3. kaylakakes says:

    For my daughter it is a stuffed monkey with a rainbow colored mohawk. Since we had a few times where we couldn’t find the monkey, or he needed to be washed because he smelled awful, we bought a second identical monkey. She loves the second monkey too, but she knows which one is the original monkey. They are known around here as the monkey twins. They are so much a part of our lives that they were in her 2-year-old pictures with her. They will forever be a part of our family memories.

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