Ding dong, that stone ain’t gone.

Today, after getting an x-ray, I consulted with my urologist.  Which is really just a fancy word for saying I stood in his office while he expounded, at length, about the options I have since this kidney stone HASN’T LEFT YET.

Seriously, I’ve known marriages that haven’t lasted as long as this kidney stone.

Basically, at the doctor’s urging, next Friday I will be undergoing a newer type of procedure.  As I understand it, the doctor will insert a long fiber optic scope up through my plumbing.  This has a tiny laser on it, and the doctor will blast that kidney stone with small laser pulses, then remove the tiny fragments, one by one.

It’s not a fast procedure- taking up to an hour and a half.   It’s quite intensive on his part, the doctor assured me, but he’s up to it.  Then he  added magnanimously that it’s much less painful for me than regular surgery.

Whatever Dr. Peacock, we all know you’re just dying to do the procedure.

Still, I’m grateful I won’t have to be cut into, or need to spend the night in the hospital.  Less invasive is best.

After my appointment, I joined up with the rest of my family in the lobby.  They could tell by the expression on my face that it wasn’t the best case scenario that we had hoped for.

My son put his arm around me and said in what he considered to be an encouraging voice (that in reality is just a few decibels shy of noise pollution levels), “We’re going to beat this stone yet, don’t give up.”  My five year old gently rubbed my hip where she mistakenly believes my kidney stone resides.  My other daughter gave me a big hug and my husband took us all out to breakfast.

As you can see Team Kidney Stone Removal completely has my back.  Dang it, I love my family.  I really do.

In better news, most of the crazy side effects caused by all the medication have gone and I’m not in tons of pain.  It pretty much just feels like I’ve got cramps all day long, which isn’t that big of a deal compared to how I used to feel.

The best part is that I have peace of mind knowing in one week this kidney stone will be evicted!  And that, my friends, is excellent news.  Such excellent news, in fact, that we may just celebrate January 25th each year as Kidney Stone Emancipation Day.

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10 Responses to Ding dong, that stone ain’t gone.

  1. Oh, Ami! What an ordeal! That procedure sounds really cool, though! I mean, it is pretty amazing what docs can do nowadays. Though I’m sure you are not the least bit excited for any procedure. I hope it goes well and will be thinking of you. Your family sounds amazing.

    Also, thanks for having my back- your comment on my blog this morning made me smile.

    • bunkersdown says:

      It is kind of cool. My doctor is so excited to be doing it, he almost can’t stand it. And anytime you need someone to have your back, I’m your girl. (Or older, middle aged woman.)

  2. I think you should plan a party to celebrate after your stone is gone! Invite over your bff’s and have a pot luck and play some games or something. I think celebrating will help you feel better and also decrease the winter blah’s.

    Hang in there, the Lord won’t give you anything you can’t handle.

  3. Kristi Roberts says:

    Kidney pain is worse than child birth, I can say this with confidence having experienced both. Not from stones however, my ureter became completely pinched off several years ago, and I too had to endure a stent until they could laparoscopically go inside, cut out the section which was bad and reattach it to my Kidney…luckily I have been incident free since. Good luck Ami, I hope all goes well, I miss your face and singing show tunes with you! If you ever visit Utah again and don’t stalk me you are in huge trouble young lady!

  4. I’m sorry, that just sounds miserable! Glad you have a date for relief in sight and can celebrate it every year afterward.

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