In eleven years we’re going to want to stay off the roads.

So my husband and I caved, er indulged our children by letting them open a few presents early yesterday.

Eden got a brand new Barbie car- complete with a new, pristine Barbie who hadn’t had her hair styled by small children.  She was a beautiful Barbie.

The car turned out to be a great present.  With all of Eden’s five year old enthusiasm she has played and played and played with that thing.

Tonight, I happened to overhear her as she pushed it in the living room.  “Come on Barbie, STEER!” she kept shouting as the car kept careening into the couch.

I took her aside and said, “Eden, you’re the one driving the car.  Barbie’s just a doll.”

She paused thoughtfully for a moment and then replied (without making eye contact), “I did not know that.  Hmmm.”

Eden then walked off, presumably to administer first aid to the whiplashed Barbie in the front seat.

A few minutes later she approached me and said in a low voice, “There’s a baby in the trunk of that car, without a car-seat.  Don’t tell the cops.”

Poor, poor Barbies.


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One Response to In eleven years we’re going to want to stay off the roads.

  1. Ha! She is hilarious! I distinctly remember the exact moment when I realized that people on TV could not see me. I was both mortified and disappointed.

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