Burning questions.

This weekend, gentle reader, as I was sneezing and coughing several important questions came to my mind.

1-  How on earth can a small body part like the nose produce so much mucus and phlegm?

2-  What exactly is the difference between phlegm and mucus?

3-  Why on earth are cold medicines so negative sounding?  Anti-histamines, De-congestants,  Ex-pectorants.  No wonder we’re so down when we’re sick:  we’re surrounded by cynical and defeatist medicine.  Can’t someone make a “pro-respiration” medicine?

4-  How is it possible that when I miss only two days of housework, I am then left with a mess that takes four days to overcome?

5-  Why do children leave you alone in your room when you’re wide awake, but the second you fall into a benadryl induced coma they are immediately filled with the burning desire to talk to you about all their deepest and darkest feelings?

These are just a few of the pressing questions that have been on my mind lately.  So what’s on yours?

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2 Responses to Burning questions.

  1. My mind is also riddled with allergy issues; although yours may be from a cold. I recently got an LDA allergy shot. Since it’s no longer allergy season, this is the best time of year to do it. But now I’m suffering from allergies again. This shot is not like the ones where they give you a shot with a tiny bit of something you’re allergic to every week for years to come. I am not allowed another shot for six months. They shot me up with all seasonal allergies in a good amount as well as the enzyme my body needs to learn to fight it. This is so the phlegm doesn’t take over. Meanwhile, I’m fighting allergies and am not allowed to take any anti’s, exes, or de’s. *heavy sigh* If this works, I will be SO happy next spring! If this does not work, I’ll be getting another shot next spring. Oh the joy.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Quincy Girand says:

    i take allergy shots from time to time because i have chronic rhinitis..

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