Post-Thanksgiving thanks.

Yesterday, being Thanksgiving and all, I intended to write a lovely post about the many things I’m grateful for.

And then the bread wasn’t dried out for the stuffing so I had to spend precious time toasting it.  Then the gluten-free cheese puffs I was making decided to not cooperate.  So I was forced to wrestle with tapioca starch and swear under my breath.  Finally, I just thought “SCREW IT!  I AM THANKFUL FOR NOTHING!” Which is blatantly false, but obviously cooking for a crowd is not my forte.

So today I just want to mention a few of the smaller things I’m thankful for on this day after Thanksgiving.

1-  I’m full of gratitude for misled five year olds who say over and over, “Oh Mom, you are the best cooker ever.”

2-  I’m thankful I didn’t wake up at four in the morning and venture out into Black Friday.

3-  I’m grateful for ziplock bags.  I lived in Brazil for a year and a half and there are no ziplock bags in that entire country.  A ziplock free environment is not for me, because where would you keep leftover turkey?

4-  I’m immensely thankful that in spite of the many pieces of pie consumed yesterday no one thew up all over me while I slept.  Previous Thanksgivings have not ended so well.

5-  I’m so glad for fat, furry cats that climb on your lap, thereby giving you an excuse to stay seated and not do the dishes.

6-  I’m thankful for four day weekends and the fact that all of my children can pour their own bowl of cereal and work the DVD player, thereby insuring that I can sleep in on at least one of those days.

7-  Left over gravy.  (Enough said.)

8-  I am full of deep gratitude for Amazon, thus enabling me to do my Christmas shopping while sitting down with my pants unbuttoned because I ate way too much delicious food.

9-  I’m grateful for kids who still get wildly excited for Christmas specials on t.v.  It makes life so much fun.

10- Finally, I’m thankful for you, gentle reader.  Thanks for helping me believe I have something interesting to say.

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3 Responses to Post-Thanksgiving thanks.

  1. I didn’t send you home with any gravy.
    (I mean, there was none, but still.)

  2. Jayne Hutchens says:

    I LOVE all of your blogs, Ami! I read them all and enjoy reading about your family! You make me laugh out loud, and make me cry a little. Love you my cousin and keep your “Bunker Down”! 😉

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