Singing (and doing art projects) in the rain.

We have had so much rain here lately.  It makes me want to jump on my couch and yell to the heavens, “Where were you this summer, rain?  Huh? We missed fireworks because you weren’t around!”

Then I realize that normal, sane people don’t jump on couches (side-eye to you Mr. Cruise) nor do they shout at inanimate objects like rain.  So I don’t do those things.


Being inspired by the rain, I found an art project for the kids to do last week.  It is cute, fairly easy, and cheap.  All the things I love most in the world.  Also, I have enough confidence in my crafting abilities that I tweaked the project to better suit our art needs.

That’s right, I am so capable now as an art teacher that I tweak, I’m a tweaker.  I’M A TWEAKER!  (I may or may not have shouted that while standing on my couch.  I’ll never tell.)  Also, the word tweaking reminds me of You’ve Got Mail.  “A project that needed tweaking…. he’s in the middle of a project that needed <finger quotes> ‘tweaking.’ ”

Ahem.  Back to art.

The first thing we did was paint our puddles on the paper.  This means I dropped some blue watercolor paint at the bottom of their paper and they took plastic straws and blew that paint so it looked like a puddle someone had splashed in.

This was by far the kids’ favorite part of the whole project and they nearly blew themselves into hyperventilation with their eagerness.

Next the kids cut out their umbrella shapes and raincoat shapes.  Yes, we did try to match the umbrella to the raincoat, because I think it looks cute.  (I love matchy-matchy things, sorry Heidi Klum, but I do, so sue me.)  And yes, I did help the five year old out with her umbrella shape, but the older kids did just fine on their own.

To complete the raincoat look, each child then drew a sleeve/hand, an umbrella handle, and some raincoat buttons.  Next the kids cut out some rain boots from scrap paper.

Finally we assembled the whole picture and glued everything down.

Just for the record, there are few things that scare me as much as a kindergartener with glue.  Truly, truly scary stuff.

And voila!  Umbrella people jumping in rain puddles.  So dang cute and not too difficult.  (You can find the original idea that I tweaked, here.)

After we had finished, we arranged our pictures on the fireplace and stood there looking at them for some time.  (I firmly believe that admiring your own artwork is a critical step in the whole art process.)  That’s when my son came up with his great observation:  “Mine looks like he lives in London, because they wear red in London.”

That statement is impossible to argue with, gentle reader.  It just is, so don’t even try.

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6 Responses to Singing (and doing art projects) in the rain.

  1. Amy P. says:

    I laughed at your tweaking – it reminds me of first starting to cook and following a recipe EXACTLY. If I didn’t have all the ingredients, it couldn’t be made. Didn’t like something in it, toss that recipe. I knew I finally knew how to cook when I could tweak a recipe, either for personal taste or to accommodate whatever was in (or not in) the fridge. I’d say you can now officially call yourself an art teacher. 🙂

  2. I can only imagine my children accidentally inhaling — rather than blowing — through the straws and swallowing the paint. That being said, this is one terrific craft.

    Tell your son that I was thinking the exact same thing about that guy from London.

  3. Carrie says:

    We did this today and it turned out awesome! Thanks for the idea!

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