A visit to COSI.

One of the best things about homeschooling is that you get to create your own schedule and include the things that you think are important.  Which, for me, involves lots of field trips.

Not too long ago when we visited our family in Ohio, we got to visit COSI, an excellent science and industry type of children’s museum.

If you’re ever in the Columbus, Ohio area you should definitely visit COSI.

There were so many things the kids loved about our trip.  Eden got to spend a lot of her time in the younger kids area with her cousins, where she played with the water structures, toys, and floating balls.

She also took every opportunity to pose in some strange fashion for the camera.

While my youngest child was occupied, I was able to take the older two and visit a few other areas.  First on their list was a trip in the tornado machine where Will and Trinity experienced 70 mile per hour winds for a brief time.

As you can see they find natural disasters hilarious.  (Probably because they are natural disasters themselves some of the time.)

Everybody in the family had a great time in the Gadgets area.  There were gears, pulleys, strange machines, and all sorts of…well…gadgets.

However, I think the most learning took place when Trinity and Will watched the COSI rats play “basketball.”  The museum workers explained that through positive reinforcement (feeding them Cheerios) the rats learned how to make baskets and perform for audiences.

Right after we got home from this little adventure, Trinity began offering her five year old sister cereal whenever Eden did something good.  Which just goes to prove that field trips can provide fabulous opportunities to learn.

And that Trinity considers her sister to  be a rat.

Yep, field trips are great.

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2 Responses to A visit to COSI.

  1. Do you watch Big Bang Theory? There’s an episode where Sheldon decides to train Penny out of a bad habit using chocolate as a reinforcement for positive behavior. So funny!

    I LOVE these types of museums. Hands on science for kids is absolutely the best.

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