Green tomato salsa verde- because you deserve it.

Last week my husband cleared out all the sad, depressed tomato and tomatillo plants.  The days have gotten cooler and the nights are down right chilly which makes the plants sulk and stop producing fruit.

Plus, I was just really, really tired of dealing with tomatoes and tomatillos.  Which is a good indication that it’s time to stop.

(See how my moods are in perfect sync with Mother Nature?  It’s a gift.  And thanks to my obsession with Tim Gunn and Project Runway, every time I hear the word ‘mood’ I immediately think in my head “Thank you Mood!”  Occasionally, my obsessive television watching comes back to bite me in the butt.)

Anywho, back to the topic at hand.

The tomatillo harvest was pretty phenomenal this year.  I got over three galloons of that tiny green fruit.   Last night I canned eight pints of salsa verde (all while watching The X-Files of course- it’s the only way to can at night.)

But the real story here is what I did with the gazillion green tomatoes that my husband brought in.  Green tomatoes always fill me with dread, every season.  They want so badly to be juicy, delicious, red fruits but nature has denied them their life’s ambition.  It’s so sad watching tomato potential get squandered like that.

Also, I hate wasting food and there are only so many times I can eat fried green tomatoes.  So I needed to find something to do with the island of misfit vegetables I had collected in my kitchen.

That is when I stumbled upon this recipe for green tomato salsa verde.  I made a few adjustments here and there and came up with something that is darned near close to perfection.


And because I love you, I’m going to share the recipe with you.

Green Tomato Salsa Verde


6-7 pounds of green tomatoes, cored and chopped

3 yellow onions finely chopped

3 jalapenos finely chopped (please be careful and don’t mess with your contacts after working with jalapenos without washing your hands.  I speak from sad experience.)

1-2 cans of diced green chilies

9 cloves of garlic, peeled and nicely chopped

3 tablespoons of pickling salt* (I usually only do 2 tablespoons, got to protect the kidneys and all that jazz.)

4 teaspoons of ground cumin

3/4 cup of apple cider vinegar

the juice and zest from 1 lime

optional- if you have a sweet tooth (or find the whole concoction too acidic) you might want to had a tablespoon or two of sugar.  You may also a cup of coarsely chopped cilantro leaves if you are fortunate enough to not live with cilantro nazis.


Cook the green tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, canned chilies, garlic, salt, cumin, and apple cider vinegar in a sturdy, stock pot.  Bring everything to a boil and cook for twenty minutes.  The tomatoes have lots of juice in them, so I like to let it boil without the lid so as to evaporate some of the liquid.

After twenty minutes add the lime juice and lime zest.  Also add the sugar if you like things less acid.  Cook for an addition ten minutes, then check the taste.  Add any additional salt/sugar/or lime juice as needed.

Either puree the mixture in batches in a blender or use your handy-dandy immersion blender and smooth everything out.

(I would just like to say for the record that I love my immersion blender.  I love it so bad.  I love it so, so bad.)

Fill sterilized pint jars and process in a water bath canner for 20 minutes.

You can use this green tomato salsa verde over enchiladas and have your own fiesta.  Or, you can use one jar of this green deliciousness with one bar of soft cream cheese and thereby create the world’s best chip dip.  (Trust me, I would never lead you astray when chips are on the line.)

Or you could just take a bath in it and call it good.  I won’t judge you.

It doesn’t matter exactly what you do with this green tomato salsa verde once you make it.  Then important thing is to just make it.  And make it soon.

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58 Responses to Green tomato salsa verde- because you deserve it.

  1. athenamiles says:

    Thanks for sharing! Did you know (sorry I’m doing this to you now that you’ve already done all that) you can take those green tomatoes, put them in a box, spaced out (or I think wrap them in newspaper), stick them in a darkish place like the garage, and they will slowly redden. And you’ll be happy to have a few tomatoes here or there later in the fall when you’ve had a break (maybe?). We just put them in a box last year, but I think the blog I got the idea from wrapped them in newspaper.

  2. kpar5 says:

    Do you peel the green tomatoes as you would if making red tomato salsa?

  3. Nancy B says:

    Thank you for this post… today was the day our vines looked so wilted that we decided to let go and embrace green! Many of ours have burn / rot spots on them so there is little hope to ripen them… we live in North Eastern Ohio and have not even had a frost yet… We had 9 plants this year and have 8 kilo of green tomatoes… 2 variety of cherry, 2 variety of beef steak, 2 variety of paste, and 1 variety of sauce… Vorlon, Ethiopian, Anna Russian, Sungold, Black Cherry… heirloom through and through…. with the Ethiopian (green top red bottom) cross pollinating with the red Anna Russian to make green and red stripes… great season… ending in a great salsa!!

  4. Mindy says:

    I want to love my immersion blender in a bad way, but I’m having commitment issues on the part of the immersion blender. My first one was awesome but choked on the 4th or 5th use and I could never get it to work again. So I asked for a new one for Christmas last year and it made it 2 uses. Cuisinart. Both times. Am I looking for love in all the wrong places? What kind is yours?

  5. Linda says:

    I am going to try this salsa tomorrow, trying to use up my green tomatoes,,,,thank you for the recipe…

  6. Tiffany says:

    AMAZING!!! Thank you, thank you for posting this recipe. Cheers!

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  9. I made the salsa and think it will work wonderfully well as an enchilada sauce for green enchiladas. I liked the recipe so much, I posted a link to it in my blog this week at

  10. Linda says:

    Thank you Thank you so much for this recipe. I have always loved green sauce on everything but never tried making it until now. Your recipe was so simple and easy to fallow I wanted more green tomatoes just to do some more. It will be a given next year for sure. Do you think I could use tomatillos this winter when I run out. Well anyway thanks again.

  11. Jeanie directed me here so now I’m using up all my little green cherry tomatoes! I was just double checking the recipe, “3 Tablespoons of salt” is that right? That sounds like an awful lot?

  12. april says:

    I was wondering what the process time would be for quarts

  13. Laura says:

    Thank you sooooo much for posting this, and by the way I love you too. ❤ ❤ ❤

  14. Jeanette says:

    Thank you for posting this. I’ve still got a box of them sitting in the garage, starting to go bad, but I’m so over canning! I just keep telling myself to keep pushing through, this will be it till next year, and it will be worth it this winter. I’m hoping that is true….

    • I keep telling myself I’m done with canning and then someone gives me some leftover produce and I’m forced to freeze or can it. I’m at the point when just looking at the canner gives me a headache. Solidarity sister.

  15. Thanks to your recipe, most of my green tomatoes are now in jars. But I always have some that ripen in the box. If anybody’s interested, I have a good recipe for using up the box-ripened ones that really aren’t great for eating fresh.

  16. Melissa says:

    Instead of canning this, can it be kept any other way? Does it freeze well?

    • It does freeze well, I’ve tried it. If you freeze it try to make it just a little thicker (boil longer until more water evaporates during the cooking stage) because all the moisture in the freezer will thin it out.

      • Melissa says:

        Great! Thanks! I made this today with my left over green tomatoes. It is wonderful! Thanks for the recipe!

  17. T. Hensley says:

    Thank you for your recipe. My house smells like Mexico! I wanted to share that I use salsa verde when I make quesadillas. Just smear on tortilla, add cheese and chicken…big yum. Cant wait to use my freshly canned salsa verde

  18. KarynR says:

    I am making this with our green tomatoes tomorrow, am so excited to find a new recipe that’s getting such great reviews!

  19. kpar5 says:

    We made this again today and like someone else said, the house smelled like Mexico. I love that analogy! This recipe lives in my canning book so it won’t get lost.

  20. Laura says:

    Please don’t ever take this recipe off the net. It’s my Fall Fabulous Salsa recipe, and I am so thankful you posted this for us!

  21. ange says:

    Ami, what see your thoughts on roasting the tomatoes first? Could I roast them and then boil it all together?

    • Roasting could bring out some depth of flavor, after all roasted red tomatoes are even more delicious than regular ones. I think you should try it both ways and then tell me which one you liked better! You could be the guinea pig that could make this recipe even more fantastic.

  22. Lynn C. says:

    Thank you, going to try this for sure!!! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE and am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with my emulsion blender, it is at the very top of the list of my favorite kitchen tools!!! My honey bought it for me last year and I still praise him for every time I use it!!!!

  23. Linda Daude says:

    I love this recipe. I have 10 pints in the canner right now, using the green tomatoes I harvested this week. I used the recipe just as is, no changes, it needed none. I let the salsa set in the fridge for a day to let the flavors mature before canning , and boy, did they. Absolutely delicious. Here in Texas we do love our salsa verde. For green chilies I used Hatch chilies that I had canned last year. Perfect. Easy and delicious to make, thank you for posting and all who reviewed this recipe so positively.


  24. Penny Eachus says:

    Hi! You might have covered this, but if I use green cherry tomatoes should I run them through the mill that removes the skin and seeds, or just use the whole thing? I can’t wait to start!

  25. Alexis says:

    Im going to give this ago later tonight. After reading the comments Im excited. I’ve never made a Salsa Verde before. Whats its storing like? A couple of weeks in the fridge? Everyone seems to be mentioning canners…..

  26. carrie says:

    I’ve got this is my canner right now. It’s outstanding! Thank you:)

  27. Helen says:

    An excellent and very easy recipe. I am in the UK and used Sea Salt …. 3 tablespoons was far too much salt and in my second batch I just put in one tablespoon to 7lbs tomatoes and even my salt loving hubby felt it was salted enough. I also put in a couple of teaspoons of white sugar which bound it nicely and gave it a very slight sweet and sour mixture. Just tested it with nachos and cheese …………. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Lee says:

    The recipe sounds divine, having recently discovered the joys of salsa verde- the storytelling is also delicious. Nothing better than a good nosh with dip! A great way to also use up those orphaned tomatoes, another being sweet chow-chow.

  29. Carol Black says:

    Do you weigh the tomatoes before or after they are cored?

  30. Jessica says:

    I have a very dumb question… but about how many cups of green tomatoes would I use for this recipe? Thanks {:0) Also, can I used canned jalapenos??

  31. Donna Sharp says:

    I made 6 pints of this today and it is marvelous. Thanks so much!

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