Celebrating Labor Day.

I’m sitting on my comfy chair, reading a book, and avoiding any and all forms of work.  This is how I celebrate Labor Day, by not laboring.

My husband has engulfed himself in a huge home improvement project that takes more time and money than he had previously planned.  Loud banging accompanied with cursing, that is how he celebrates Labor Day.

My older children celebrate the Labor Day weekend by alternately arguing and playing together.  A cordial game of Clue evolves into a wrestling match which then morphs into an in-depth discussion of the virtues of Harry Potter.

My five year old daughter walks past me without making eye contact with a large dish towel in her hands slinking for the bathroom.

Eden feels my eyes on her and she responds with a chipper, “I’m not doing anything!  Really, everything is just fine!  I don’t need any help, so stay sitting.  Oh, and you have nice hair Momma.”

She practically sprints the last ten feet to the bathroom.

I sigh, put down my book, and lumber to my feet.  Because if that wasn’t a cry for help then I don’t know what is.

Evidently Eden celebrates Labor Day by creating mass destruction.

Here’s hoping you have a lovely three day weekend, gentle reader, celebrating Labor Day in your favorite way without any calamities or disasters.

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3 Responses to Celebrating Labor Day.

  1. Brandi Melton says:

    no such luck ,we just found out Breilynn’s got lice oh! joy for me.

  2. Leslie says:

    Good luck to you u got handfull of kids

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