When cousins come to visit.

When your cousins come over from Ohio, it’s imperative that you do a few crucial things.

First, it’s very important that you bounce them within an inch of their life on your big trampoline.  The best kind of fun is the dizzy, laughing, fall down on your side fun.

If you’re really lucky, your Aunt Jen will try out the trampoline and your mom will take the best picture ever.  And then your mom will chortle to herself saying, “Revenge is mine!” under her breath while putting it in a blog post.

You should also take your cousins to the apple orchard to pick raspberries.  There you will get to stuff your face with delicious raspberries, free apples, and cider slushies.  As an added bonus, on the car ride there you can giggle hysterically with your cousins whenever you take a sharp turn.  But only when your Aunt Katie is driving.  When your mom is driving it’s not nearly as much fun because she drives under the speed limit on curvy roads.  BORING.

A visit to the Indianapolis Zoo is also a great thing to do when your cousins come over.  Remember: you can pick your friends, and you can pick your own nose, but you should never pick your cousin’s nose.

When your cousins come to visit, you should definitely spend as much time as possible swimming in the hot tub at your grandma’s house.  And every time your three year old cousin calls the hot tub the “hot dog” you need to laugh and laugh and laugh.  Because that joke will never, ever get old.

Finally, feel free to be a little ticked off that a four year old cousin can sink a basket better than you can, even after all your years of practice.

Sometimes, life is just not fair.  Even with incredibly awesome cousins.

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