Verbs are my life.

Bracing myself for the start of our homeschool in two more weeks.  I still need to prepare lesson plans on Ancient Rome, the Nervous System, Vikings, and the Reproductive System.  (It just feels right to put the reproductive system right after the unit on those lusty Vikings.  Don’t you agree?)

Dreaming of a time when I can wear my favorite sweaters again.  Hurry up fall and get here.

Canning jar after jar of diced tomatoes.  Because I have diced tomato needs.

Stressing slightly about lay-offs at my husband’s work.  Rumor has it they are coming earlier than we had anticipated.  And now I am stressing slightly and singing Adele in my head.

Celebrating my latest culinary triumph inspired by Pinterest: mini lasagna cups in wonton wrappers.  They were easy, cheap (I substituted the ricotta cheese with cottage cheese), and insanely delicious.  Wonton wrappers for the win.

Loving that all my children (even the five year old) bring books to read in the car whenever we go anywhere.  Even if it’s only to the store.

Eschewing (that’s my new fifty cent word) any and all responsibilities in cleaning the kitchen for the next few hours because I just don’t have the mental strength to deal with the mess.  Wonton lasagna cups and canning tomatoes are all fun and good, but they leave behind a very unholy mess.

Debating what to have for breakfast this morning.  Grape Nuts?  Or yogurt?  Neither feels incredibly appetizing to be honest.

Investigating why the children were so quiet upstairs.  Apparently they are getting along, playing board games, and generally being good kids.  It’s like the calm before the storm….

Feeling the love from my husband- he emptied the dishwasher full of clean dishes before he went to work.  Envy me my friends, he’s a good kisser and he helps around the house.

Pondering how people, without a sticky, messy, opinionated five year curled on their laps while attempting to type on the computer, consider themselves happy.

Deciding if someone ever turned my life into a movie, I’d want Anne Hathaway or Natalie Portman to play my role.  The movie would be called The Sweet, Simple Life of an Average Woman that Reads Too Much and Putters About.

Giving mental thanks for all my blessings.  And gentle reader, you are one of them.


This idea of writing about the verbs in your life isn’t my original idea sadly.  It comes from a few different blogs I’ve seen lately.  However, the verbs I picked are all my own.  What verbs describe your life right now?

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3 Responses to Verbs are my life.

  1. How about having the grape nuts on the yogurt? I can’t handle either. My current breakfast of choice is smoothies.

  2. The Mom Chef says:

    I hope that your worries about the lay-off are for naught. We lived that life for 4 years. It stinks. I want to adopt your reason for Eschewing. My kitchen looks horrendous at the moment.

    My verb for this moment in time is Pressing. I am pressing on, moving ahead, looking towards the end, which is 16 days away (no, I’m not a home schooler). 🙂

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