Tennis is just too, too terrific dahling.

I can’t say enough about how much we are loving the tennis lessons that Will and Trinity signed up for this summer.  First of all, just saying the phrase ‘tennis lessons’ sounds a tiny bit fancy to me.  While it’s not as posh sounding as ‘polo,’ it has a more ritzy feel than ‘t-ball.’

Despite the slight high-class feel, financially these lessons are a great deal (and that’s coming from the most frugal fraulein on the planet.)  $15 dollars per kid for the entire summer.  Plus, the coaches provide the rackets and balls.

The lessons fit nicely into our summer schedule with practices two mornings a week and a match on Fridays.  Just enough to keep us from getting bored, but not enough to make us feel overwhelmed.

Most importantly, Will and Trinity think they are amazingly fun.  They like the other kids in the class, they like their instructors, and they simply like the game itself.

Best of all, these tennis lessons make me feel like a good mom.  They say, “Look!  I’m so on top of everything that I can afford to sit for hours every week in a camp chair with a good book while my offspring fulfill their potential.  Oh the sacrifices we make for our children!

(Did you read that last paragraph in a high, fancy sounding, country club voice?  Because I did when I typed it.  Tennis does that to me.)

There is one person who is not thrilled with the tennis lessons this year.  Mostly because she’s not taking them.

But I’ve promised that I will sign her up next year for the tiny-tots class, so she is happier now, more at peace with her inner tennis demons.

Pardon me now, gentle readers, I simply must dash!  Ta-ta for now dahlings!  (Sorry.  The high, fancy sounding, country club voice is hard to reign in once I let it out.)


So what things have you done this summer that have turned out to be great or amazing?

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