What’s new pussycat? (Whoa, whoa, whoa.)

Gentle reader, I must apologize for my lack of communication lately.  Summer is here, and quite frankly it’s kicking my bum.

Between tennis lessons three days a week and swimming lessons four days a week, I am spending an obscene amount of time chauffeuring the offspring to various sunny locations.  All this sun is giving me an absurd farmer’s tan and causing me to sweat profusely.  Fortunately, the library is wonderfully air conditioned so our biweekly trips sandwiched in among our other outings do not cause me to perspire.  Much.

Additionally, my family’s gone to two family reunions in two different states, my son has had a week of cub scout day camp, and we attended a lovely wedding this weekend.  You can see that it’s been  all ‘go, go, go’ around these parts.

I tell you, summer vacation is wearing me out.

I’m finding my summer groove, however, and things are falling into a somewhat orderly routine filled with sunblock, insect repellent, and sprinklers.  We’re on a full, but fun schedule.

Just for the record, in my head I said the word ‘schedule’ in a British accent.  I’ve been using my (fake) British accent lately because my husband and I are positively enthralled with the PBS Masterpiece Theater “Sherlock.”  We’ve been watching the show on Netflix and I must admit that we are hooked.  I have always enjoyed a good Sherlock story and this one is set in modern day London.  So you have Sherlock with all his powers of deduction mixed with modern day forensics and a marvelously understated John Watson.

I love it, I love it, I love it.  Just in case you were in doubt to my feelings on the matter.

Not to mention the show is from PBS which makes me feel cultured and intelligent despite the fact that my pajama clad butt is parked in front of the television set.  It’s superior t.v. you see, which allows me to give myself false airs of superiority as well.

At least in my delusional head.

Other things I have been loving this summer?  Well for one, a new delicious recipe for coconut shrimp curry.  (You can find it here.)  It is a fairly easy meal and it tastes divine.  How divine?  When my five year old daughter was asked on her first night of swimming lessons what her name and favorite food was, she replied matter of factly, “I’m Eden and I love shrimp curry.”  As you may imagine, it stuck out a wee bit from the other five year olds’ responses of mac and cheese or chicken nuggets.

In my free time that is left after watching good t.v. and eating shrimp curry, I have been rereading a pile of enjoyable books.  To help me on my quest of dropping two dress sizes (despite the shrimp curry obsession) I’m rereading Jen Lancaster’s Such a Pretty Fat.  I appreciate Lancaster’s funny and light hearted tone as she undergoes her journey to losing weight and becoming healthier.  Nothing preachy here, although I need to warn you that the author can, on occasion, swear like a sailor.  I’m reading the words with an English accent though, so it doesn’t feel offensive to me.

Which makes no sense, but that’s how I roll.

So what’s new with you pussycat?  How has the summer been treating you and yours?

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2 Responses to What’s new pussycat? (Whoa, whoa, whoa.)

  1. Marie says:

    I’m showing my nerdiness here, but if you like Sherlock, you might want to try the past six seasons of Dr. Who. It’s produced by the same person as Sherlock, and is wonderfully smart, funny, and quirky. It’s even clean enough for the kids. My son describes it as “a blend of Star Trek, Star Wars, Sherlock, and a mad-man in a box.” The show also makes you think bow ties are cool. Which, of course, they are.

    p.s. Andrew says start with season 5 to get hooked, then go back to the beginning and watch them all. Dr. Who is quite a cult in his circle of friends (and in Brynnlin’s circle, and in my extended family, and in my ward…you get the picture.)

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