I live with Fancy Nancy.

If you live with small girls you might be familiar with the children’s book character, Fancy Nancy.  This fictitious character thrives on doing everything as fancy as possible.

I have come to the conclusion that my five year old is a living, breathing Fancy Nancy when she told me the other day, “Yes, glittery, silver shoes DO help me empty the compost bucket better Mother.”

This was also the day when a grocery store cashier complimented Eden on her pretty clothes, to which Eden replied, “Oh no, these aren’t clothes…it’s an outfit.”

I’m in some serious girly trouble over here, gentle reader.

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3 Responses to I live with Fancy Nancy.

  1. thefoodcharlatan says:

    That. is. awesome. I can already tell your daughter is going to be one of the many women who look at my clothes (NOT outfit) and thinks, “Oh that poor thing.”

  2. I like your little Eden a great deal. Cracks me up!

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