A random and meandering post celebrating the fact that I survived May.

Whew!  May is over and we’re safely in the arms of June <wipe pretend sweat off my brow.>

I don’t know about you, gentle reader, but May was a real kick in the pants for me (I sooo wanted to use another word there that started with an ‘A’  and I didn’t, please admire my restraint.)  Between pneumonia, hospital trips, poison ivy, finishing up the school year, and the looming possibility of something being very wrong with my husband’s lungs I am just plain tuckered out.

I issued a warning on the last day of May to all three of my offspring that no one was allowed to get sick the entire month of June.  The youngest child promptly developed a 101 fever and she now has a small cough.

I get no respect around here.

But I’m overlooking her flagrant disobedience and focusing on the fact that:  It’s June baby!  Summer time is here!

Surely June has to be easier on my delicate psyche than May was.  Surely things are going to calm down and I’m going to be able to get caught up.  Surely.

(At this point, don’t tell me not to call you Shirley.)

For the rest of this month I am just going to chaperone small people at tennis and swimming lessons, while reading the fluffiest, most entertaining books I can find.  All while eating carrot sticks, because Operation Lose Two Dress Sizes has officially begun.

Which means I will probably have to do some kind of physical activity beyond folding laundry and grocery shopping.

Dang it.

Oh well.  Here’s to June!

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2 Responses to A random and meandering post celebrating the fact that I survived May.

  1. You know, Ami, I have been thinking about you recently. In fact, last night I was praying for you and your family. I’m glad that May is done for you, and my hope is that June is much, much healthier and brighter.

    Has your husband fully recovered from pneumonia? And how is Trinity’s poison ivy? All better, I hope?

    • bunkersdown says:

      The poison ivy is completely gone! (I am now an expert on that stuff.) And the pneumonia is almost gone. This week my husband almost felt normal, which is a very good sign. Thank you so very much for the prayers, they are appreciated greatly.

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