Divisions of labor.

For the past decade my children operated under the mistaken idea that I am incapable of changing the batteries in their many electronic toys.  This is due to my carefully executed plan of feigned ignorance (“Oh sweetie, this looks like we need tools.  We’ll have Daddy do it when he gets home.”) that resulted in my husband doing all the battery switching in our house for the last ten years.

You see, it’s not that I don’t know how to change the batteries, it’s that I don’t want to change the batteries.

My cover was blown recently when we got a wireless mouse that uses batteries.  They went dead during a critical moment of internet surfing and I was forced to reveal my hidden knowledge of  AA’s.

Stupid computer addiction.

My husband was amazed that I had kept up the charade for so long.  I’m not sure why he doubts my acting skills.  But then again he is still under the mistaken impression that I don’t know how to shampoo the carpet.  (“But dear, it just looks so complicated with all those levers and gadgets.” <wring hands nervously.> “And you’re so good at it, with your strong muscles.”<bats eyes suggestively.>)

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2 Responses to Divisions of labor.

  1. Denise McCubbins says:

    I almost want to come over and shampoo your carpet…..

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