Another rambling chat.

I am imagining us, gentle reader, on a backyard patio someplace, sitting on cozy (yet chic) wicker furniture, as we watch the children exhaust themselves by running around the yard.  The neighbors have cut their lawn recently and the air is full of its spiky, green perfume.  (I agree whole-heartedly with Hermione Granger that the smell of cut grass is lovely.)

I am imagining you with a tall glass of something delicious I whipped up off of Pinterest and you are wearing the best looking pair of sandals I’ve seen recently.  By the way, what are you doing to your hair?  Whatever it is, keep doing it, it looks fantastic.

Now let’s chat.

I actually donned gym apparel and exercised today, gentle reader, on the elliptical.  And now my legs feel like wobbly jello.  I kind of love that feeling.  It makes me walk a little taller (despite my uneven gait) because with every step I take I am reminded that I did something healthy.

Have you noticed that when you do one healthy thing it creates a domino effect thereby helping you accomplish several healthy things?  For instance, today I exercised.  Every single calorie I spent was heavily paid for in sweat (this sentence I just wrote reminds me of the opening montage in the original t.v. series Fame! when Debbie Allen says “You want fame?  Well, fame costs and right here is where you start paying… in sweat.”  Oh, I miss 80’s television.)

Anyway, back to my point.  I wasn’t about to waste the calories I burned on the cookies my husband brought home (although I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t tempted.)  Instead I drank lots of water and ate a banana.  Later on at dinner, I told myself that after all the exercising and good snacking choices, I wasn’t going to sabotage the day with an incredibly large second portion of mashed potato goodness.  So I didn’t.

See how one good choice leads to another and another?

I’m going to admit to you right now that after getting off track with my earlier Fame! quote I had to search Youtube until I found the entire opening theme song and then I watched it several times in a row.  I really loved this show.  When it aired I had just started taking piano lessons.  I had big dreams of leaving Iowa and moving to New York so I could go to this High School of the Performing Arts, despite the fact that I couldn’t dance and I hated actually having to practice the piano.  Oh, the dreams of youth.

Another dream I had in my youth was of marrying the character Travis from Disney’s Old Yeller.  I thought he was so dreamy.  When I discovered that Travis starred in countless other Disney films I almost went wild.  To this day, I have a definite soft spot in my heart for Swiss Family Robinson.

The best Disney movie of all, however, didn’t feature my soulmate Travis.   It was called Watcher in the Woods, and it scared me so much I nearly wet my pants no matter how many times I watched it.  Despite this hygienic drawback however, it played an important role in every slumber party I had in fifth and sixth grade.  You know, back in the day when my mom would drive to the video store and rent one of those newfangled VCR machines whenever I had a slumber party.

Wow.  Now besides feeling wobbly I feel a little bit old and dated.

Quick, gentle reader, it’s your turn to chat.  Distract me from my feelings of old age.  And jello legs.

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5 Responses to Another rambling chat.

  1. Zoe Teague says:

    Vintage, not old and dated.

  2. Michele says:

    I have Watcher and the Woods right here next to my computer on DVD!! So Creepy!! My kids love it! I however did not go to the gym today, but I am in workout apparel! I tend to wear workout clothes daily, if I workout of not. I guess I like for others to feel that I must workout, but once they really take a look at me they realize that I just don’t fit in any other clothes. I am the only person who attends the YMCA almost daily and still gains weight! I guess I talk a lot there. Maybe it is because I know they are stuck on the workout machine and can’t leave while I am talking to them. You know they say that you know you are getting a good workout when it is difficult to have a conversation…maybe I should think about that! Thanks for the chat! I needed it! I just wrote a 10 page paper on how medical advancements have increased the number of disabilities in our society.

  3. I wore my capris today! They were too tight last year so I’m very excited to be able to fit into them now! I’ve lost 15 lbs this year! Very….slowly.

    My allergies are trying to kill me. I finally made it to the gym today! I managed to run a mile in about 14 minutes. Yes, I know this is very slow, but this is great improvement for me! I managed to be good in my eating, today, too! Secretly you and I are soul sisters, we just don’t know it yet. LOL!

    My dear daughter, Sara has discovered a great show on Netflix! It’s called Merlin. We’re all loving it! Sara has been fighting pneumonia for the past week and a half. This series has provided her a pleasant way to pass the time. You might like it!

    It’s been good chatting! I need to get going. Life is crazy at my house.

  4. thefoodcharlatan says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has the urge to reference obscure Harry Potterisms.

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