(Future) Men at Work

Every afternoon while the sun shines, you can find a small band of boys in my backyard.  They build forts, tents, and castles.  They harass the girls in the neighborhood and then pointedly ignore them.  They wield swords or light sabers while they protect the world from harm.  Or plot its spectacular demise.

My son loves to be in the middle of it all.  He delights in ordering the boys around, but he also good-naturedly lets others take the lead.  Will is constantly talking but he’s slowly learning to listen and to compromise.  He has an exceptionally tender heart and finally he is learning how to stand up for himself.

Sometimes Will drives me to distraction.  This ten year old boy can remember the year the Panama Canal was finished, but he can’t remember to put away his cleats after I’ve told him fourteen times.  Despite the fact that he usually succeeds in whatever endeavor he attempts, my son is afraid to try new things.  I never seem to have enough patience, enough energy, or enough time for my son.

Despite his failings (and mine as a parent), sometimes I can see the pieces of the man he is slowly becoming and it moves me beyond words.  He is going to be amazing.  Utterly amazing.

If I can just stay out of his way long enough for it to happen.

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2 Responses to (Future) Men at Work

  1. erin says:

    I love that he’s out there directing the building in full cub scout regalia! So appropriate.

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