From small things mama, big things one day come.

I would like to state clearly and emphatically for the record that I detest February.  Every year it comes along and every year it makes me depressed.  By the time February arrives I am sick of winter, tired of school, and bored with my flannel sheet/warm sweater/bundled up lifestyle.

What was exciting and new in November becomes boring and dreary in February.

In an effort to break free from the February doldrums, this past week I have started trying to do something extra every single day.  It could be something to organize my house or to entertain my children or be just for me, the only rule is that it must be small.

Small is good.  Small is simple.  Small is possible.

From small things, mama, big things one day come.  (Pretty much anything Bruce Springsteen says is golden and we should all implement them in our everyday life.  Besides, the man looks fabulous in denim jeans, that should give him some sort of credibility.  And now I’m rambling, this is what February does to me.)

So here is what I’ve been doing this past week:

I planted thirty tiny tomatillo seeds in little pots to get ready for the growing season.  This is step one in my master-plan to create my very own green enchilada sauce.  And my homemade enchilada sauce will prevent me from being held hostage by ridiculously high grocery store prices when I want to make Mexican food.

Grow babies, grow.

Also this week I made playdough for my children from a recipe I found on Pinterest.  The look of hero-worship on my four year old’s face was immensely gratifying when I handed her some purple playdough.  Success!  This week I am totally more cool than Ms. Lisa, her preschool teacher.  At least for a few days.

(I have no pictures of the playdough making process because experience has taught me that food coloring and cameras do not mix successfully in my less than capable hands.)

Also this week I am organizing the pantry/laundry room one small step at a time.  I got this fantastic-life-altering idea:

off of Pinterest as well.  Oh Pinterest, I love you so much I would write a haiku about you, if only I knew if you were pronounced with two syllables or three.

With all my cleaning supplies hanging behind the door, I had room in the laundry room cabinets to finally store all the crap that has been lounging on top of my dryer for a few years, er months.

I also organized the cabinet that we use to shove all the outdoor items in.  You can now actually find everything easily, instead of  risking a flashlight falling on your head when you open the door.

All this organizing has encouraged some serious self discovery.  For example I have discovered we have enough sidewalk chalk to last until I have grandchildren, or possibly great grandchildren.

Small steps.  That’s the key to progress and surviving the February blues.

Well, that and some Bruce Springsteen.

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3 Responses to From small things mama, big things one day come.

  1. I pronounce it with two syllables, then again I’m from Utah were we drop syllables in perfectly logical ways.
    Your organization makes me tingle.

  2. thefoodcharlatan says:

    You are like a pinterest poster woman. I’m very impressed.

    • bunkersdown says:

      Pinterest has changed my life! (Imagine me saying that in my most melodramatic, breathless high school girl voice. Even though that statement is shockingly true.)

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