I believe that there are superheroes all around us; regular people who have special gifts and use them to help others.

(At this point do your best to refrain from singing the song “I Believe There are Angels Among Us” because this isn’t a post about angels but superheroes who are much more fun to hang around with.  Unfortunately my subconscious doesn’t seem to recognize this, so I keep humming that song under my breath as I write this post.  Try to triumph where I have failed gentle reader.)

I have several superhero friends.  One, in particular, has the power to get me to try new things.  I hate trying new things, because in the back of my mind I have that little voice that says, “If you try something new you’ll just fail miserably so stick with what you know.” Does anyone else have that little voice?

Well, my superhero friend talks louder than that little voice inside my head, and she doesn’t take no for an answer.  So because of my superhero friend I find myself doing things I normally wouldn’t do, like driving downtown by myself or starting a blog or joining Pinterest.  Things that push me way out of my comfort zone.  Things that I end up loving.

I have other superhero friends.  There’s a friend that encourages me to be better than I am, without saying a single word.  I just want to be better because she is better.  That’s a pretty groovy superpower.

I have another friend who makes me feel like I have all my crap together (which I seriously do NOT) with just a few sincere compliments.  She somehow manages to see past the clutter and messiness of my faults and focuses on the good that is there.  That kind of x-ray vision is a really fantastic superpower too.

My favorite superheroes though, are the ones in my family.  They have the ability to love me unconditionally on my good days, my bad days, and my mediocre days.  And there are so many mediocre and bad days.

They love me always.  It’s an amazing superpower.

What superheroes do you have in your life?

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