I must be doing something right…Maybe.

As a mom, there are days when I seriously need affirmation that I am doing this whole parenting gig right.  The job is tough and the hours are insane.  And don’t get me started on the pay.  Fortunately, when I need it most, the affirmation comes.  Albeit in  unexpected ways.

Tonight we were in the car on our way to swimming lessons.  From the back of the mini-van, I heard my oldest daughter sing along to an Eddie Money song that was on the radio.  She had all the words down pat.

“Just like Roni sang, “Be my little baby, baby my dar-ar-lin’, oh oh oh oh.”

Therefore, tonight I am calling myself a good mother.  I have obviously fostered a culturally rich environment for my daughter to know such an awesome 80’s song.  She’s completely head and shoulders above the average third grade Justin Bieber crowd when it comes to music.

So for tonight I can rest in the knowledge that I am doing my job well.

And tomorrow?  I’m letting her listen to some Daryl Hall and John Oats.  She’s ready.

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5 Responses to I must be doing something right…Maybe.

  1. thefoodcharlatan says:

    Your daughter is way ahead of me. I have been singing that song my entire life as, “Just like rye said…” I’m shocked to learn that those aren’t the real lyrics. Such a great song.

    • bunkersdown says:

      Don’t feel bad. I was a senior in high school before I realized it isn’t the “Blue Bonnet Plague” but the “Bubonic Plague.” Before I learned this I could never understand the marketing strategy of naming margarine after a deadly disease. Now everything makes sense.

  2. Seymour Maximus says:

    H&O is the BEST! “She’s a maneater”… She needs to learn ~that~ song first!

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