A car commercial made me cry.

On Sunday we watched the Superbowl.  The men in my life actually watch the television when the football game is going on.  They’re die-hard fans of the sport.  I do not understand this point of view at all.

Myself?  I watch the commercials and that’s about it.  I mean besides eating my weight in chips and cheese balls, of course.

People spend millions of dollars on these commercials, selling their product and promoting their brand.  Usually my favorite commercials are the ones that make me laugh, the ones that get played on the talk shows the next day.

This year my favorite commercial wasn’t the one that made me roll on the floor laughing, it was the one that made me cry.  My favorite was a two minute car commercial featuring Clint Eastwood who looked straight into the camera and told us, “It’s half-time America.”

Mr. Eastwood goes on to tell us that times are tough and just like the teams in the locker rooms, Americans are trying to figure out how we can overcome the odds and win.  Even better he assures us that we will win economic stability, beat our challenges, and eventually triumph, with no hesitation or doubt in his voice.  We will.

My favorite part of the entire commercial was this line:  “We find a way through tough times and if we can’t find a way then we’ll make one.”  I believe this to be true with my whole heart.

Lately it seems to be the fashion for Americans to trash talk their own country, to put themselves and their fellow Americans down.  Some people do it with the best of intentions, I think, perhaps in an effort to get other nations to like us more, or perhaps to encourage our country to better itself.

And our nation has room for improvement.  This is not a perfect country; it never has been and it never will be one. We are a nation of fallible, imperfect people.  There will always be change to work for.

But I believe that at our heart we are a good country.  We help others, we learn, we grow, we adjust as needed.   We are a nation of free thinkers, full of diversity, and best of all we adapt.  Change may take more time than we would like, but it always comes.

I believe this.

These are hard times to be sure and there are no easy answers in sight.  I expect that through this next year in particular, there will be much discussion among ourselves over the right course to take, the right politicians to elect.  I expect that I will not always agree with you, gentle reader, or with your decisions.

But I can promise to respect them and you.

The United States is a great country because it is filled with people who are great, despite their imperfections.  It is a land of promise.  A place where a mere car commercial can inspire one to try harder.  This is a nation where your vote counts and where your voice can be heard.

This is America, and like Mr. Eastwood said, our second half is about to begin.

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2 Responses to A car commercial made me cry.

  1. Rosie says:

    God bless America and America, bless God!

  2. Sue says:

    This was my favorite also. Great Commerical!!

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