An eight year old’s to-do list.

On the way home from church this afternoon, my oldest daughter cleared her throat and announced from the back of the minivan, “I’ve got big plans for this afternoon, so don’t ask me to do anything.  First I’m going to change out of my church clothes.”

This is where I interrupted, “Not forgetting to hang them up, right?  Right?”

My eight year old shot me a look that clearly told me where she’d rather put those church clothes of hers and then continued as if she were making a to-do list, “Next I’m going to get dressed in warm pajamas.  Then I’m going to gather up my pillow pet, my reading pillow, and a cozy blanket.  My Little Pony blanket, possibly.  Or maybe not, but some blanket.  I’ll come downstairs and get some kind of snack I can put in a bowl.  Raisins I think.  Then I’m going to find some good books and read until it’s bedtime.”

My daughter then pointedly added, “And hopefully at some point you feed me dinner Mom.”

My husband, who believes he was born expressly for the purpose of teasing the females in his life, solemnly pointed out, “Don’t you think you need to schedule a potty break at some point?”

My daughter took his tongue-in-cheek statement seriously.  “Good thinking.  I’ll use the bathroom after I change my clothes but before I gather up my stuff,” she said as she mentally rearranged her schedule.


And it turns out, gentle reader, that is exactly what my precious, methodical girl did.

After she helped me get dinner ready for everyone.

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10 Responses to An eight year old’s to-do list.

  1. dorothy says:

    Loved this post – such sweetness. Wish my girls could be eight again just for such a day. Glad you took note and shared it – it made me smile.

  2. I think that I’d like my oldest to be friends with her. 🙂

  3. Tiff says:

    I just wish with all my heart I could make such declarations about how my day will be spent.

  4. I love her.

    (and so many bonus points for getting a photo of her doing it. I’m so proud. *sniff*)

  5. Lisa says:

    So sweet! An I agree with Robin – I think and my oldest could be great friends! 🙂

  6. Michele TUrney says:

    Have I mentioned that I am taking a Greek Mythology class this semester? Hopefully Trinity and Makenzie can help me study!!

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