Life’s a beach.

We went to the beach twice while we were in Florida over Christmas vacation.  I’m not normally a huge beach person because I don’t enjoy sweating or displaying my fat for all the world to see.  (Side note:  they have nude beaches, but I’m a firm believer that there should be plus-sized beaches were only generously endowed individuals can go to sun bathe without sitting next to size 0 girls in bikinis.  I think the same thing should happen for gyms.  End side note.)  However, I have to say that these two days at the beach were simply delightful.

My half-mermaid daughter immediately headed for the ocean.  The water was calm so I only gave myself half an ulcer imaging her being caught by an undetected riptide.  Not only that but my husband kept by her side and eventually, I stopped stressing entirely.  I know gentle readers, I was shocked too when I found myself actually relaxing and not clutching the beach chair in a death grip, imaging the worst case scenario.  That’s what a nice beach can do to a girl.



As you can probably deduce the water was a little bit chilly.  But in the words of my child, “Pretty soon your whole body goes numb, so you aren’t cold anymore and then you can have lots of fun.”

My overly cautious son eventually found his way into the water as well.  He even went in up to his chest, which is almost amazing as me releasing my iron fisted determination to worry.  As the day progressed he found another boy to throw the football around with, so he was in complete heaven.


The four year old only ventured near the water to grab a pail of water, however she found nirvana while digging in the sand.  She did keep saying, “I found a shell!” approximately every twenty-two seconds.  However, the sound of the ocean waves drowned her out after a while.



As for me, I sat in a beach chair completely slathered in sunblock SPF 50 with my feet in the sand and a book in my hands.  I still managed to get sunburnt though because evidently I am as sensitive to sunlight as a vampire.  Additionally, to make my day complete I was hit on by a 72 year old senior citizen with white hair who kept announcing, “I’m a dirty old man, but I’m harmless.”  He invited to me to go with him sometime to the local topless beach while he ogled my chest.  I graciously declined his offer.


We ate Subway sandwiches, collected shells, and built sand castles.  We even saw a pod of dolphins right off the beach jumping out of the water.  It was a perfect, perfect day.




I hope, gentle reader, that this new year brings you a perfect day too, whether it is at the beach or somewhere else.  Everyone deserves one day to completely shed their worries and soak in the beauty around them.

Even dirty old, harmless men who mildly harass middle aged mothers of three.

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One Response to Life’s a beach.

  1. Marie says:

    Oh, Ami, you’re not middle-aged! ‘Cuz if you are, that means I am, too! I’m glad you had a perfect day. You deserve it 🙂

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