I resolve…

A brand new year is almost here.  A brand new year with no mistakes or problems in it (yet.)  I love new starts and fresh beginnings.  So in that spirit I have a few things I plan on implementing next year.

1-  Play board games and card games with my children on Fridays instead of doing math worksheets.  Because worksheets are lame and Phase 10 is awesome.

2-  Work on my relationship with my elliptical machine.  Sadly, I’ve been a distant friend the past couple months, this needs to change.

3-  Notice more things that my kids do right.  I am constantly noticing every single thing that they do wrong, I need to spend some of that energy picking up on the things they do well.  Then I need to tell them outloud.

4-  Stop what I’m doing when my husband gets home and really look him in the eye when I ask how his day was.  I need to be more deliberate in the way I love him.

5-  Stop worrying about what people think about me.  Especially people I’ll never see again.  Case in point:  When my four year old, who is surrounded by senior citizens, loudly announces at a Christmas dinner that she wants lots of ‘porn’ I need to stop frantically explaining that ‘porn’ is how she says ‘popcorn.’  Four year olds are crazy beasts.  Just let it go and laugh without crying on the inside.

So do any of you have some New Year Resolutions?  I’m all ears.

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2 Responses to I resolve…

  1. Ellis says:

    HaHa PORN! Now that’s funny!
    Those are some great resolutions. I haven’t really thought much about my own. Guess I had better get started.

  2. K Harker says:

    Good resolutions!
    As for the “Porn” don’t worry, it happens to all of us. For a couple of years my son called popcorn “Cop-porn” and I think I laughed out loud more than I cried on the inside. Kids are hilarious!

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