Rest and Relaxation

Today is our first day of Christmas vacation!  <insert loud thunderous applause here.>  As of today, for two weeks, I officially do not care if my children learn a single, solitary thing.  Not one.

It’s rather liberating.

This past fall at the Bunkersdown Academy our school schedule has been packed until this week.  We’ve learned about World War II, the Russian Revolution, Impressionism, prepositional phrases, Joan of Arc, alliteration, the Middle Ages, Queen Victoria, subtracting with decimals, Charles Dickens, Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Ballet, the solar system, the French Revolution, and long division (sort of.)  We’ve visited planetariums, art institutes, libraries, and natural history museums.  We’ve attended piano lessons, swim practices, and cub scout meetings.

It makes me exhausted just thinking about it.  Frankly, gentle readers, I’m ready for a break.

I’ve decided that the next two weeks will be dedicated to rest, relaxation, and fun.  I’ve got a stack of frivolous and fluffy books on my dresser that I’m going to read.  Books that have nothing to do with educating children or improving myself, but books that entertain with stories of vampires and exotic places and cliche love triangles.

Good stuff.

We’re going to watch Christmas specials, visit friends, ignore bedtimes, play the Wii until our eyeballs fall out, and go to movies.  (Hello, can you say Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows?)

The kids have quickly picked up on my new philosophy of life.  The eight year old came downstairs wearing this:

Evidently vacations shouldn’t be squandered trying to find socks that match.  Additionally, she is wearing a hat her grandmother knitted for her so that she does not have to take the time to do her hair.

Since I’m still wearing my purple polar bear pajamas, I guess you could say that we are on the same page.

So…what exciting, non-educational things are you doing this holiday season? (And don’t say Disney World because I will turn green with envy and die.  And that would seriously interrupt my vacation.)

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One Response to Rest and Relaxation

  1. Okay, so you got tired writing about all that you’ve been doing? I got tired reading it! Almost fell out of my chair onto the floor with exhaustion. You totally deserve taking a break and wearing pajamas all day.

    For the record, we will not be going to Disney World.

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